RAZOR'S EDGE – Shannon K. Butcher
An Edge Novel , Book 2
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23520-6
November 2011
Romantic Suspense/Adventure

Dallas Texas

Roxanne Haught, sometimes known as Razor, had little love as a child; the only affection she ever received was from the family housekeeper and her son Jake. Now that the housekeeper is dead as well, the only family Roxanne has left is Jake, her best friend. Though her oil-rich parents bequeathed her millions when they died, money means next to nothing to her. She gets satisfaction working in the stealth division of the Edge, a private security company. Her latest job is trapping an industrial spy for a client. She successfully catches “Mary Smith” downloading supposed secrets, but Mary has a partner who gets away. Roxanne should have discovered there was a partner but she blames the distraction over her being followed by someone she believes was sent by an ex boyfriend. Roxanne's boss, familiar with her bulldog tendencies, orders her to take a week off to settle her personal affairs but assigns a new recruit to keep her out of trouble.

Former special operative Tanner O'Connell retired from the military after his father and a brother were killed in an accident. The youngest of the O'Connell brothers, Brody, left a widow and two small children. Tanner's other brother Reid works for the Edge and arranged for Tanner to get a job with the firm. His first assignment is to partner Roxanne. That she's not happy having a babysitter is no surprise, and she plans to ditch him ASAP. Tanner, however, is determined to succeed; he needs this job so he can help Reid care for their mother and Brody's family. A bit of cat and mouse play takes place between Rox and Tanner as they test each other. But things turn serious when they learn her ex is not the one behind her tail, and her parent's house has been thoroughly trashed. Then Roxanne receives a cryptic e-mail form Jake, who is supposed to be in Afghanistan . It's in their childhood code and reads, “Burn everything. They're coming.”

Rox's concern now focuses entirely on finding Jake. What follows is a dangerous, heart-pounding search that uncovers a huge conspiracy run by some of the most ruthless villains in literature. It's a tale that will keep you reading and reading.

The Edge series is shaping up as one that thriller fans shouldn't miss. There are already several characters whose stories should be told, and more surely to be found working for the company, which seems to be divided between the stealth security division and the “Brute Squad” of mercenaries and bodyguards. Ms. Butcher is a talented and prolific author with a paranormal romance series, the Sentinel Wars , running concurrently with this one. You might want to give her a Googling.

Jane Bowers