EDGE OF SANITY – Shannon K. Butcher
The Edge Series, Book 3
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23881-8
December 2012
Romantic Suspense/Thriller

Present Day Texas

Clay Marshall awakens in his bed aching and covered in blood that is not his…and he has no memory since lunch the day before. It's not the first time he's had blackouts of this sort, but none after which he's afraid he's killed someone.

This briefly describes the electrifying opening of EDGE OF SANITY, and I'm sorry to have taken some of the shock value from it by the paragraph above. But there are more startling moments where that one comes from in this edge-of-seat tale (pun intended). In it, Clay is not alone in suffering from the ongoing after effects of a secret conspiracy. A contact hooks Clay up with Dr. Leigh Vaughn whose two brothers are victims of the same. One of them is dead; the other is confined to prevent harm to himself and others. Leigh is willing to do anything to find a cure for him. Before long, she begins to feel something similar for Clay. But can they trust each other? (Clay has an almost pathological hatred for doctors, no matter how pretty.) Can they trust anyone in their battle to find out who is behind what is happening?

The Edge in the title of the series reflects a private security firm of that name. Clay is an employee of The Edge, as are several other important characters in the novel, many of whom are carried over from the two earlier books: LIVING ON THE EDGE and RAZOR'S EDGE.

EDGE OF SANITY has a complex plot with much conflict, suspense, and deep characterization…with some sexual tension as well, as Clay and Leigh go on the run while trying to trace Clay's movements in the last months and the identity of the person or persons controlling him. Be wary; this is a riveting read you won't want to put down.

While EDGE OF SANITY can be read as a stand-alone, I recommend you read the earlier books if you haven't already. Here's my review of number two: Click here: Razor's Edge, Shannon K. Butcher

Jane Bowers