The Codex Alera - Book 6
ISBN: 978-0-441-01962-5
December 2010
Epic Fantasy

The Realm of Alera

The seemingly unstoppable Vord are taking over Realm of Alera. The Vord Queen controls all of Vord creatures, which seem to be either reptilian or insect like beings. She has one objective, end human life in Alera. The Vord have already conquered Canea. Captured citizens of Alera are also used, like Invidia Aquitaine , who depends on the Vord for her life. Invidia was once the wife of the acting First Lord of Alera, but the Senate needs to ratify him. All that stands in his way is the son of the common woman, Isana. Her son, Gaius Octavian (Tavi) was the son of the last First Lord, but his legitimacy is in question. As the land of Alera teeters and is slowly swallowed by the advancing Vord, politics between Senators create mayhem, and misunderstandings between allies threaten the outcome of the impending final battle.

Tavi is on his way back to Alera after having forged alliances with the Icemen of the north, Canea wolfmen escapees, and the barbarians from the country east of Alera, Maratea. He is in love with Kitai, a woman from Maratea who travels with him. They travel the seas in ice ships made from the Aleran fury talents. Many Alerans can harness the water, fire, air, and earth furies of the world to create fantastic powers. When Tavi makes a great display of his water power, the Vord Queen retaliates by abducting Isana.

This very long conclusion of the Codex Alera series involves many established characters and story threads, too many to mention, but all are integral parts of the plot. If you have not read the previous stories, the Realm of Alera will be difficult to enter. It is based on a Roman styled world, and it is important for you to remember the complete names of the characters to keep track of the relationships. Once over this hurdle, however, the emotional tension, raw action, politics, and the unique quality of the world and its characters will keep you glued to the pages.

Robin Lee