Play-by-Play, Book 1
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-23881-3
February 2011
Erotic Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California – Present Day

Coordinating a big party for the San Francisco Sabers pro football team is a dream job for event planner Tara Lincoln. Running into star quarterback Mick Riley and having him come on to her can't distract her from this huge gig. Yet, once it's over, she can't help herself by having a one night stand with Mick. He's handsome, rich and way out of her league, so she figures the best thing to do afterward is to walk away. Mick is persistent in continuing his pursuit and the desire between them knows no boundaries. However, Tara must keep her head straight and remember that the most important man in her life right now is her nearly fifteen-year old son, Nathan.

Mick is used to being with beautiful celebrity starlets as part of his image as a hot, hunky sports star. Tara is different in that she doesn't chase after him and is a hard working business owner who puts responsibility above having a good time. Plus, add in the fact that she's not exactly thrilled at the idea of getting involved with him despite the fiery passion between them, well, the thrill of the chase ups Mick's interest in Tara. After years of being pandered to, Mick appreciates the down home appeal of Tara and Nathan. Mick's agent, Elizabeth Darnell, isn't happy over his relationship with Tara and tries to interfere, telling him that he needs to be seen as a “about town bachelor” to rake in the publicity while he's hot. Meanwhile, Tara continues to pull away from him, even as the sex between them gets better and hotter.

Jaci Burton has provided readers a steamy new book that is guaranteed to have you wishing more football players were as hot as Mick. He's sexy and insatiable, and when he wants something—or someone—nothing gets in his way. He definitely wants Tara from the first moment he spots her and is willing to bide his time until he can corner her. Even as she tries to brush him aside, the pursuit continues. When she agrees to a night of hot, no strings attached sex, he figures one night will be enough to satisfy his appetite, but that proves wrong. Their chemistry is sizzling hot and both are good for each other—Tara has buried herself too long in devoting her life to her son and trying to remain respectable, while Mick has pretty much let fame and his agent control his life. It's all about to change as they fall for each other.

Tara became a mother at a very young age and has raised her son without the benefit of family support. Now she is at the pinnacle of success, and the event for the Sabers will help her establish her reputation, she can't afford to let anything get in the way, including an affair with Mick. This could prove scandalous and bring her personal life to the forefront with bad publicity. She's worked too hard, both in her career, and in keeping her son protected. But as THE PERFECT PLAY progresses, it doesn't take long before Tara finds herself in the middle of the spotlight. If Mick grows tired of her, how will this affect her son and her business? Not to mention, her growing feelings of love for him.

First in the Play-by-Play series about the two Riley brothers, next up is Gavin Riley. Who'll be Gavin's lady? I won't spoil it for readers, but it's obvious in THE PERFECT PLAY.

A romance that is ultra hot and characters that will tug at your heartstrings, THE PERFECT PLAY is an engrossing tale from beginning to end. Mick might be famous and Tara might be a single mom, but these two definitely belong together. Make THE PERFECT PLAY a part of your next book shopping excursion.

Holly Tibbs