TAKING A SHOT – Jaci Burton
A Play-by-Play Novel
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-24552-1
March 2012
Erotic Contemporary Romance

St. Louis, Missouri – Present Day

Having spent her entire life surrounded by sports, Jenna Riley is determined that any man she gets involved with won't be into sports. But running the family sports bar makes it difficult to meet men who aren't sports fans—or players. One of the regulars is pro hockey star Tyler Anderson, and he's intrigued by the aloof and beautiful Jenna, despite her telling him she's not interested in dating him. Yet, neither can deny the attraction between them, and it leads to a night of passion. Jenna soon finds it hard to resist another night with Ty, but getting involved with Ty might mean she's changed her mind about men and sports.

Ty enjoys coming to Riley's, especially when it offers him a chance to visit with Jenna. She informs him that because of his occupation she has no interest in him, but her body language broadcasts another message. Despite disparate backgrounds—she was raised in a loving, close family and he in a broken home—they discover mutual likes. Especially when it comes to sex. Jenna tries to give off a persona of non-interest to Ty, but yet even she can't resist the call of wild and uninhibited sex with him. As they grow closer, Jenna tells Ty about her dreams of singing, even as she puts up roadblocks to achieve them. It's as though she is caught in a spider's web. She wants to get free, but is afraid of what will happen afterwards. Can Ty help Jenna to spread her wings—and plan for a possible future together?

The title of TAKING A SHOT can be looked at in two different ways. There is Jenna's splintered dreams; she is afraid of upsetting the familial cart and telling her parents what she really wants. All her life she has felt as if her needs were pushed aside so her brothers could realize their dreams. Now she's an adult and is continuing to please her parents. Can she dare take the leap and change her life? Then there is Jenna and Ty as a couple—will she take a chance on developing a relationship with Ty despite her avowal of only getting involved with non-sports men? Ty has a lot of patience with Jenna. On the outside Jenna looks tough, but deep inside is a woman filled with insecurities.

Ty can barely keep his eyes off Jenna. Her toughness intrigues and excites him. Ty is a hot sexy hockey stud and can practically have any women he wants, especially the puck bunnies, but it's only Jenna he wants. When he finally breaks down her barriers, their lovemaking is insatiable and keeps them craving more. At first, Jenna doesn't want her family or friends to know about her sizzling affair with Ty, but it soon comes out into the open. Yet even as her family smiles at her dating a hockey star, Jenna is pulling away from Ty. He forces her to confront her dreams. But will it only hurt his chances with her?

While TAKING A SHOT is part of A Play-by-Play series by Jaci Burton, most readers won't have any problems reading this one as a standalone. The stories are super sexy, hot and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed TAKING A SHOT, even if I don't follow hockey. Hey, it's all about the stud and the lady who wins his heart…

Sensual romance at its best is what TAKING A SHOT delivers in this superb romantic new tale from Jaci Burton. Give this one a shot, because TAKING A SHOT is well worth your reading time. 

Holly Tibbs