Play by Play , Book 8
ISBN: 978-0-425-26299-3
July 2014
Contemporary Romance

St. Louis, Missouri and Tampa, Florida - Present Day

The loss of Bill Briscoe was tough on all of the athletes who had him as a dorm parent in college, but for Haven Briscoe, losing her father was devastating. She's started her dream job as a sports reporter, but hasn't accepted any of the travel assignments and is on the verge of leaving it all behind to move back in with her mother, Ginger.  Then the most amazing assignment comes her way: Trevor Shay.  A success in both baseball and football, he's willing to give an extensive interview about his life, but only if Haven will be the reporter.  She attended college with Trevor, even was his tutor for a while, and back then, Haven had the hugest crush on the man.

For years reporters have tried to get an in-depth interview with Trevor, but he's never considered doing this until Ginger Briscoe asks for his help.  He wouldn't have made it through college if not for the Briscoes, and he's willing to do anything to help, especially since he's also comfortable with and trusts Haven.  He hadn't expected the attraction he feels for the very grown-up Haven, but in Trevor's mind, that's only an added bonus.

The latest book in the Play by Play series, STRADDLING THE LINE is the last book to feature the four college roommates, Trevor, Drew, Gray and Garrett.  While many of the characters from the earlier books in the series make appearances in this one, it stands pretty well on its own as it focuses mostly on the relationship between Haven and Trevor.  Haven's never forgotten Trevor – or the crush she had on him in spite of his not even noticing her.  The loss of her dad has really affected her, though, and she's worked very hard at shutting down all of her emotions since his death.  Her love of sports started with her dad and the special relationship they had, so achieving her dream job is bittersweet for her.  She knows her dad would want her to give it her best shot, but it's difficult knowing that she can't share her successes with him.  It isn't long before she's getting ideas for further interviews, so she's grateful for the opportunity to interview Trevor.  The chemistry between them is too strong to ignore, but Haven knows she'll have to keep her emotions out of any relationship she has with him.  For his part, Trevor isn't interested in anything long term—a deeper relationship would mean revealing all of his secrets, and that's not something he's about to do.  So why exactly is he letting this thing with Haven mean something to him?

A fun, sexy story, you won't want to miss STRADDLING THE LINE.

Jennifer Bishop