Play by Play, Book 12
ISBN: 978-0-698-17527-3
December 2016
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California - Present Day

Flynn Cassidy has had a string of bad luck when it comes to women lately.  The women he dates are often more interested in getting in front of a camera on Flynn's arm than they are in actually being on his arm.  When a friend's wife offers to set him up, Flynn's not very enthused, but when that friend also insists on setting up Amelia Lawrence, the head chef at Flynn's restaurant, Ninety-Two, with someone else, he agrees.

After her divorce, Amelia Lawrence welcomed the chance to move to San Francisco as head chef at Ninety-Two.  Between her nasty divorce and getting settled in a new city, she has too much on her plate to consider dating.  She's watched Flynn's parade of attention grabbing women and wished he could find somebody worthy of him, but being roped into a date in order to help Flynn wasn't something she'd counted on.

When the people Flynn and Amelia are set up with are more interested in each other than they are Flynn and Amelia, the two of them realize there are some sparks between them as well.  Amelia's more than okay with having some fun with Flynn, but she's already had her heart broken once; she's not looking for it to happen again.  Flynn however, is ready for more in a relationship than just a good time; can they both find what they are looking for?

They've worked together for several months now, but now Flynn and Amelia take things a step further in RULES OF CONTACT.  Both have been burned in relationships in the past, so they're each a little leery of getting involved.  The sizzling attraction between them is a surprise at first, yet they know each other fairly well, and it's not long before Flynn and Amelia are enjoying off-the-clock time together as well.

The Cassidy family has been featured in three other Play by Play novels, as each of Flynn's younger brothers have fallen in love.  Flynn also plays football with Mick Riley, (THE PERFECT PLAY, Book 1), so readers get a chance to catch up with Mick and Tara as well as the Cassidy family.  Each of the stories focuses on the couple involved, so if you haven't read them in order, you won't be lost, but you are missing out on some great stories.  A fun, sexy novel, don't miss RULES OF CONTACT.

Jennifer Bishop