Wild Riders , Book 4
Berkley Heat (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-425-23656-7
September 2010
Erotic Romantic Suspense

Missouri - Present Day

On vacation, AJ Dunn and Pax Hudson end up riding their Harley's into AJ's hometown and run right smack into Teresa Oliveri, AJ's high school sweetheart. She's still sexy as ever and mad as hell over him leaving her years ago. While at the bar Teresa owns, a fight breaks out between two rival gangs and one of the leaders is murdered. Teresa's brother is blamed for the murder and Teresa is the only witness, AJ and Pax decide to stick around and help out with the investigation and to explore the attraction they both feel for Teresa. Question is...can she take them both or will one of them be left out in the cold?

Teresa can't believe AJ is back in town and in her bar. He's gorgeous as hell and his friend, Pax is too. A woman could go for either one. But it wouldn't be her, not with the trauma she suffered a while back. Unfortunately, the more the three of them are together, the higher the sexual tension, until finally...it explodes. Teresa finds herself with not one but two lovers who are dominating and fulfill her every desire. She knows it won't last, though, because both men like the footloose and fancy free lifestyle they lead. Until then Teresa plans to enjoy every minute of it, and help them find out who framed her brother for a murder he didn't commit.

Hot, wild, and totally erotic is what Jaci Burton's RIDING THE NIGHT has in store for readers. AJ and Pax are members of the Wild Riders, a government group that works undercover when needed. They ride Harley's, wear leather, and are just so damn cute they are irresistible. They are partners on the job and share their women whenever the need arises. Since they both like the same type of woman, it's not a surprise that they both fall for Teresa. She's smart, sexy, and gives as good as she gets. Teresa can't believe these two men want her. It takes some doing for her to get past the bad experience she suffered but with a little tender-loving from Pax and AJ it becomes a distant memory. The chemistry between Teresa, Pax, and AJ is sizzling hot and singes the pages. Secondary characters are a couple of the gang members, but mostly the story revolves around Pax, AJ, and Teresa and their pursuit of the real killer as they travel to South Dakota for the annual bike rally.

Temptation pure and simple is what RIDING THE NIGHT is all about.

Sinclair Reid