ONE SWEET RIDE – Jaci Burton
A Play-By-Play Novel
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25338-0
June 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Various Locations along the Stock Car Racing Circuit

Gray Preston's family has money and political power, but he prefers to stay as far away from them as possible. He's built a successful racing empire that is on the brink of winning the season standings, and his concentration is on that until a beautiful woman walks into his field of vision. Senatorial aide Evelyn Hill is not only beautiful, but she's smart and sharp—and determined to persuade Gray to use his popularity with fans for his father's vice presidential bid and campaign. But Gray is estranged from his father and rebuffs Evelyn. However, she proves hard to resist…

Evelyn will do anything to see Senator Mitchell Preston elected to the vice presidency, and when she suggests—and offers—to enlist the assistance of his son, Gray, she plans to join him on the racing trail. She didn't expect Gray to be so devastatingly handsome, or that he'd have this affect on her hormones. The man is a sexy bad boy, yet he's as good as it gets when it comes to racing. After Gray's mother finagles his cooperation, he becomes a begrudging participant. The battles between Gray and Evelyn soon turn into sexy banter—and encounters between the sheets. Is Evelyn risking her career by bedding her employer's son? And once it's all over, will she be able to walk away from him without heartbreak?

Jaci Burton provides another high octane sexy read with ONE SWEET RIDE. We first met Gray in THROWN BY A CURVE as the longtime friend of that book's hero, Garrett Scott. Gray is hardworking and determined to make it on his own—and certainly not with the millions his family has. So far he has exceeded expectations as he now owns his owning racing empire, with thoughts of his dad locked away. But when Evelyn shows up at a stock car race in Michigan, he doesn't think twice of saying no to her idea of showing support for his father's campaign. His mother's pressure finally gets him to agree, and Gray knows that having Evelyn along for the ride is going to be tough on his libido since he finds the political aide one sexy woman.  Evelyn and Gray are both determined to do well at their jobs, so it doesn't take long for them to lock horns—and lips. The sexual chemistry between them is fiery and irresistible.

Evelyn has been all about work and hardly any play as she marches on a potential trip to the White House—and not just as a political aide. She's playing with fire by sleeping with Gray. If their affair is discovered by the nosy press, could her job go up in flames? She'd decided years ago that having children wasn't in her plans, but falling for Gray has her rethinking her future—even though Gray makes it perfectly clear he's not into a forever kind of relationship. For his part, Gray begins to realize that he didn't really know what is going on with his father—who the man is and what he has become. Will they mend a father-son relationship that just might make a difference in his father's political career? Will Gray be at the top of the race standings by the end of season? Ms. Burton knows how to write hot sexy guys and ONE SWEET RIDE is no exception. Gray is masculinity personified, and Evelyn is a strong female herself, so the two are pure octane when they collide—both in and out of bed.

Readers will enjoy the hot sensuality and the riveting plot as Gray and Evelyn race to the end to reach their goals in ONE SWEET RIDE. By the end of this fascinating tale, they just may need to make a few detours along the way to find happiness.

Holly Tibbs