Play by Play Novella Anthology
ISBN: 978-0-451-48813-8
October 2016
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Holiday Games

St. Louis, Missouri - Present Day

Liz Riley is a woman used to getting what she wants.  Her focus and drive are what made her one of the best sports agents in the country, and they are also what helped her to marry the love of her life, Gavin.  Yet, after a year of trying, Liz still isn't pregnant.  Everyone keeps telling her to relax and it'll happen, but Liz is in her thirties and feels that if it doesn't happen soon it'll be too late.  And with her sister-in-law getting married, and Liz offering to host the huge Riley family for Christmas dinner, relaxing doesn't seem to be on the agenda.  Fortunately, attempting to get pregnant is so much fun….

Holiday on Ice

New York City, New York - Present Day

Patrick “Trick” Niemeyer's celebration for his team's win became a lot more enjoyable when Stella Slovinski walked into the bar.  He and the dancer had a casual affair a year ago, but because of their busy schedules, the affair ended.  Trick is thrilled to see her again, and Stella is just as happy to see him.  When they start things up again, the sex is just as hot as they remember it – but suddenly Trick finds himself wanting more.

Hot Holiday Nights

Oahu, Hawaii - Present Day

Victoria Baldwin always takes a vacation at Christmas, and this year she is definitely in need of some time away from work.  In spite of a huge surfing competition, she was lucky enough to get a room at her favorite resort on Hawaii's North Shore, and on her first day there, Tori meets Alex McConnell, a champion surfer.  A little vacation fling sounds like a good idea, and Alex seems to be the perfect guy for a little fun – until she meets his friend, Ben Reynolds.  She's never been attracted to two men at the same time, and while she's a little unnerved at first, Tory quickly realizes this could be one of the most interesting vacations she's ever taken.

Fans of the Play By Play series will be thrilled with the three Christmas themed short stories featuring some favorite characters. Liz and Gavin have already had their story (CHANGING THE GAME, Book 2), and Holiday Games takes place after book 6.  Holiday on Ice and Hot Holiday Nights (books 8.5 and 10.5 respectively, are about characters who have been introduced before, and this is their chance to take center stage.  Whether you've read the stories or not, MISTLETOE GAMES is just what's needed to get you in the mood for the holidays.

Jennifer Bishop