DON'T LET GO - Jaci Burton
Hope , Book 6
Jove Books
ISBN: 978-0-515-15565-5
August 2016
Contemporary Romance

Hope, Oklahoma - Present Day

Thanks to her friends, Megan Lee has spent a couple of get-togethers in the company of Brady Conners, and she'd very much like to get to know him better.  After running into him—literally—she decides to take a chance and invites him over for dinner.  Megan understands that he's not looking to settle down, but after one sizzling kiss, figures it couldn't hurt to have a little fun with him.

Brady returned to Hope after his brother Kurt's death, but every place he looks, he's reminded of his failures where Kurt was concerned.  He's working at a body shop, saving his money to start his own business custom painting motorcycles, and does his best to avoid people.  His boss has talked him into a few gatherings, and when Megan invites him to dinner, he can't resist.  Between Megan and her friends, Brady's slowly beginning to have a social life, but is he ready for it?

In DON'T LET GO, Brady is mired in grief over Kurt's overdose, and guilt that he didn't do more to get Kurt clean.  He had left Hope years earlier, and even though he's back for now, he can't see himself staying there long term.  He's comfortable being a loner, but after he and Megan start dating, he begins to see the advantages to having a group of people who care.  Megan owns a bakery and enjoys the family she's created for herself with the great group of friends.  Watching them pair off has made her wonder if she'll find her own happily ever after, but for now she's willing to enjoy her time with Brady.  Of course, neither of them was ready for their relationship to be more than sex, but slowly that does happen.

While the book focuses on Brady and Megan, they do spend a lot of time with their group of friends—the couples from the previous stories.  The earlier books are enjoyable as well, and will show how these couples came to be together, but it's not necessary to have read them in order to enjoy DON'T LET GO.  An enticing blend of sweet, sexy, and fun, check out DON'T LET GO.

Jennifer Bishop