ALL WOUND UP Jaci Burton
Play by Play,
Book 10
ISBN: 978-0-425-27660-8
August 2015
Contemporary Romance

St. Louis, Missouri - Present Day

When Tucker Cassidy's break-up turns painful, he meets Dr. Aubry Ross.  He's intrigued by her and asks her out, but Aubry declines, and Tucker wonders if it's not for the best.  After all, Aubry's father is the owner of the St. Louis Rivers, the baseball team Tucker just joined.  But fate or Tucker's clumsiness keeps bringing Tucker and Aubry together, and he's determined to get her to agree to a date.

Aubry is a resident in the emergency room of a local hospital and doesn't have time to date.  She's devoted her life to studying and work, and has a bit more to get through before she can settle down and try to find Mr. Right.  Her friend however, tries to convince Aubry that Tucker wouldn't be a bad choice for Mr. Right Now, and eventually Aubry agrees.

What starts out as a little fun quickly becomes more in ALL WOUND UP.  The Cassidy family has long been a football dynasty, and while his three brothers play professional football, Tucker took his own path and is a star pitcher for the St. Louis Rivers.  He's pretty focused on his career and isn't looking to get involved in anything other than a casual relationship, but Aubry changes that.  Convincing her to give him a chance isn't easy, but with the way he feels about her, Tucker isn't about to give up.  Aubry is attracted to Tucker, yet her single-minded focus on her career causes her to hesitate.  When they finally do get together, they burn up the sheets, but they also spend time getting to know one another.  Can they mesh a relationship as well as their careers?

The latest novel in the Play By Play series returns readers to the St. Louis Rivers baseball team as well as several previous characters.  Other than the friendships with these characters, the novel stands on its own as it's all about the relationship between Aubry and Tucker.  A fun and steamy tale, you won't want to miss ALL WOUND UP.

Jennifer Bishop