Burnt Boot , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4022-9611-6
March 2016
Contemporary Romance

Burnt Boot, Texas – Present Day

Decades of feuding have made the Brennan and Gallagher families bitter enemies. Those who are not family members know it's best to not take sides or their time in Burnt Boot will soon come to an end, or they'll find their lives will be made miserable. Newcomer Rhett O'Donnell arrives in town to work on his cousin's ranch and upon meeting Leah Brennan, an instant attraction is formed. But Rhett is unlike any cowboy who has set foot in Burnt Boot before, as he rides a motorcycle and wears his hair long. Leah's grandmother, the matriarch who runs the family with an iron fist, forbids Leah to see Rhett. However, the attraction won't die, even as the Brennan/Gallagher feud roars into high gear.

Rhett admires Leah's spunk and intelligence, especially since she sees how the feud is utter nonsense. But with her grandma controlling the purse strings and just about everything else in Leah's life, it's hard to go against her wishes. However, Rhett and Leah find a little time for some loving, which only makes the rival Gallagher family determined to use their attraction for each other as leverage against the Brennan family to gain an upper hand. Will true love overcome the challenges of a family feud?

There's a lot of hooting and hollering in Carolyn Brown's ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY as the long running family feud heats up. There's plenty going on that includes lots of laughter as the families, led by the matriarch of each, do whatever it takes to make life a living hell for the other. Leah and a few other younger members of her family are tired of the shenanigans, but with Granny Brennan riding shotgun over them, there's not much they can do, especially since the Gallagher family are shooting right back. But through it all, Leah and Rhett still manage to “see” one another despite the obstacles put in their way.

Leah is a schoolteacher at the family school on the ranch, but after a septic tank is bombed and the school blasted apart, she seeks work in Burnt Boot at the public school. After Granny retaliates and it ends up the Gallagher kids are also going to have to attend public school in Burnt Boot, Leah wonders if somehow and someway the feud can finally end. But in ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY, the feud is too ingrained into the lives of each family for them to go long without fighting. Rhett as an outsider becomes a pawn in the game between the feuding families, putting a strain on his relationship with Leah.

Suffice to say, ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY is a corny read, but it will have you chuckling with about every turn of the page. There's lots of Texas drawls and larger than life characters, but the root of this tale is the romance between Leah and Rhett. They're honorable and willing to do whatever it takes to help others, but in the end they may have to do what is best for each other. If you love laugh out loud romances set in the heart of Texas cowboy country, then ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY will be the right one for you to escape into for a good read.

Patti Fischer