Palo Duro Canyon Series, Book 1
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4778-2389-7
September 2014
Contemporary Romance

Lonesome Canyon Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Seventeen years ago, Loretta Sullivan Bailey left her husband, Jackson Bailey, after catching him in the arms of another woman, taking their daughter with her. She swore she'd never return, but after their now grown daughter, Nona,  informs her that she plans to give up her last year of college and work on Jackson's ranch because she wants to be near her boyfriend, it's time for Loretta to stand her ground. Loretta shows up at the ranch and informs Jackson that she plans to spend the summer there until she convinces Nona to change her mind. Of course, staying in the house with Jackson reminds her how charismatic the sexy cowboy is.

With Loretta under his roof, Jackson begins to wonder if he can woo her once again. She misunderstood the situation when she saw him kissing another woman, and through the years he's never forgotten her. But she's a stubborn woman who is convinced he's a lying, cheating bastard. Yet there remains this magical desire between them that Loretta can't resist. Will Jackson's hope for reconciliation work, or will it end up being doomed because she can't let go of the past? Will Loretta convince Nona to return to college?

It's going to be a LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER for Loretta and Jackson as the dormant passion they once felt for each other is revived. Loretta and Jackson first fell in love as teenagers, and when she ended up pregnant, they married. Not a good way to start a life together being forced to marry, but they managed to spend the first years of it just fine. But Jackson's now deceased mother laid a guilt trip on Loretta, and planted the seeds of distrust. So when she caught Jackson kissing another woman, she chose to end their marriage rather than try to salvage it. Loretta thinks she's older and wiser and can keep her desire for Jackson under control, but she soon discovers this isn't the case. Does she give into the passion with a summer affair or keep him at arm's length?

Jackson seems to attract the women, but the only one he's ever had eyes for was Loretta in Carolyn Brown's LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER. Unfortunately, Loretta continues to distrust him, and when the other woman from years ago pops back up in their lives, she doesn't know what to think. Jackson has to prove himself to her—and perhaps make up for not going after her seventeen years ago. Were they too young to marry, and will maturity make for a better relationship?

It's a sizzling hot summer for Loretta and Jackson in LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER, and it isn't just the weather we're talking about. Old feelings are rekindled even as they battle over Nona's plans. Will everyone reach a compromise…or will Loretta head back to Oklahoma? LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER is full of witty prose as the characters banter back and forth in full Texas twang. Loretta has a meddling family back in Oklahoma who threaten to come and hogtie her back home, while Jackson begins to realize just how much she means to him. If you're looking for an enjoyable tale that is funny and features a somewhat older couple who are reunited after years apart, then look no further than LONG, HOT TEXAS SUMMER.

Patti Fischer