A Three Magic Words Romance , Book 2
Avalon Books
ISBN: 978-0-8034-7467-3
June 2012
Contemporary Romance

Breckenridge, Texas and Bayou Teche, Louisiana – Present Day

Since moving back to Breckenridge Texas, Kate Miller has only been able to work as a relief police officer—a bit of a let-down after being the youngest detective on the force in New Iberia, Louisiana.  The night of her best friend Fancy Lynn's wedding, Kate agrees to meet with Hart Ducaine to talk.  Fifteen years earlier, Kate had a crush on Hart that went a little further after he broke up with his girlfriend.  Then they reconciled and Hart broke Kate's heart.  While nothing happened the night of Fancy Lynn's wedding, the morning after, Kate's world is set on its ear when Hart is suspected of murdering his former girlfriend and Kate is his alibi.  With her career hopes in ruins, Kate wants nothing more than to put Hart Ducaine in the past once and for all.  But fate—with some help from Fancy Lynn—keeps throwing Hart in Kate's path.

The Three Magic Words books revolve around lifelong friends Fancy Lynn, Kate, and Sophie.  They became best friends when they started school, but when the girls were fifteen, each of their families chose to move away from Breckenridge.  They stayed in touch and then, fifteen years later, each of the women moves back to Texas.  They've all had a little trouble in their love lives and have vowed not to get involved unless the man they meet can promise them three magic words.  Kate is looking for her knight in shining…whatever, and has a hard time believing that Hart could be that man, no matter how attracted she is to him.  Can she trust the man who once broke her heart to be the one to hold it forever?  Find out in IN SHINING WHATEVER.

Jennifer Bishop