FROM WINE TO WATER - Carolyn Brown
Avalon Books
ISBN: 978-0-8034-7706-3
March 2011
Historical Romance

Texas - 1836

Tyrell Fannin and his cousins, Isaac and Micah Burnet, have spent the last few days in jail after an altercation in the saloon. A soldier bails them out with the agreement that they will escort three sisters to their home in Louisiana . He will even pay them to make sure the ladies arrive home safely, since Santa Ana is threatening to attack the Alamo . Just wanting to get back home to Mississippi , the men agree, but they have no idea what's in store for them. How difficult can it be to travel with three nuns?

Despite wanting to stay with their father, the Lavalle sisters, Delia, Tempest, and Fairlee are put in the care of three former “outlaws” who are tasked with getting them home. What the men don't know is that the sisters are not really “sisters”, but three very independent, very capable young women. Delia, the eldest, is bound and determined not to show Tyrell any weakness and shoulders much of the responsibility of the trip. She can outshoot and outride anyone, and she's not going to let any man outdo her. But Tyrell is rather handsome, and while he's a bit standoffish, Delia senses an attraction between the two of them.

Excitement happens immediately as they ride out of San Antonio . Mexican soldiers surround them but are reluctant to do anything to holy women. When they are finally clear of the Mexican danger, it's Indians who will have to be dealt with. When the girls shed their habits after a week, the three men realize that this is not going to be a normal journey home!

FROM WINE TO WATER is a delightful, quick read filled with plenty of adventure and romance. The three sisters are brave, innovative, and very cheeky. Tyrell and his cousins spend much of the trip bemused by the behavior of the girls, but are impressed by the fact that their charges are as capable as they are to defend themselves or provide an impromptu meal.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the main characters. Nicely written and well researched, FROM WINE TO WATER is a really fun read.

Jani Brooks