A TRICK OF THE LIGHT - Carolyn Brown
An Angels and Outlaws Book
ISBN: 978-0-8034-7671-4
October 2011
Historical Romance

Mississippi - Nineteenth Century

Moving to Mississippi where her two sisters settled with their new husbands, Tempest Lavalle is determined not to do what they did…get married. And she is especially not going to be attracted to the remaining member of her brothers-in-law's family, Micah Burnet. He's ornery and thinks the world revolves around him. No, even though he's the most handsome of the three men, Tempest is steering clear of him.

Micah is equally determined not to let Tempest rile him. She's a testy, fiery girl who rubs him the wrong way. Whatever possessed him to confide in her after his fiancée confesses on her deathbed that she is the one who killed his father? Micah makes Tempest swear that she won't say anything to his brother and cousin. When she offers to help him with the plantation accounts, Micah is relieved, but wary of her sudden friendliness. And then there is Constance, his late fiancée's relative who seems to have her bonnet set for him. Trouble aplenty for Micah to deal with.

Micah and Tempest resist the fact that there is something between them. Just because Tempest is being nice to him doesn't signify that she's anything more than a friend. And just because Micah seems to be confiding in her more doesn't mean that he's not interested in Constance .

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT concludes the Angels and Outlaws trilogy with the story of the feisty Tempest and the egotistical Micah. While both resist the feelings between them, they are both family oriented. What will it take for them to break the ice? Some surprises will affect the outcome of this delightful tale.

I've enjoyed this humorous and exciting trilogy, beginning with FROM WINE TO WATER and then WALKIN' ON CLOUDS, which told the stories of Tempest's older sisters. The conclusion of the series was equally fun!

Jani Brooks