A FOREVER THING - Carolyn Brown
Three Magic Words , Book 1
An Avalon Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8034-7612-7
December 2011
Contemporary Romance

Albany, Texas - Present Day

When Fancy Lynn Sawyer was fifteen, she and her mother left Texas when her mother remarried.  Coincidentally, Fancy's two best friends, Kate and Sophie, also moved away at the same time.  As fate would have it, all three women, now thirty, have moved back to the area.  Fancy has returned to take care of her ailing grandmother, and her first day back is definitely eventful.  A black cat running in front of her car causes her to swerve, and she's pulled over for driving erratically.  The broken bottle of almond extract and her youthful appearance make Theron Warren, the auxiliary officer who's pulled her over, believe that she's underage and drunk.  He takes her to the police station to call her parents, where the misunderstandings are cleared up, but Fancy is convinced that the black cat is a bad omen.

When she arrives for what is supposed to be the final interview before being hired as the new first grade teacher, Fancy's bad luck appears to be following her; the principal is none other than Theron Warren.  He tersely informs her that the board has decided to hire someone with more experience, and suddenly the job that was supposed to distract Fancy from her unfriendly grandmother is gone.  Her return to Albany seems to be nothing but bad luck, and every time something happens, Theron seems to be either there or involved.  He may be handsome, and there are a few sparks between them, but Theron's already told her that he'll never marry again, and Fancy's hoping to find the man she'll spend the rest of her life with.

Having reached the age of thirty and successful in her career, Fancy has started looking for A FOREVER THING.  It's not enough to hear “I love you”; she needs to feel that the man she's with is everything to her, and she to him.  Her move at fifteen caused her to break up with her boyfriend, and she's always used him as a yardstick when she's dated.  Returning to Albany , she quickly finds out that her ex is more of a frog than a prince, but she's too focused on her immediate future to think beyond it.  The adversarial relationship she has with Theron keeps her on her toes, so Fancy is shocked when she starts to have warmer feelings for him.  There are plenty of surprises in store for Fancy and Theron, and as they navigate through them, their friendship begins to grow.

The relationship between Fancy and Theron is just as important as the one between Fancy and her best friends, Kate and Sophie.  They've kept in touch since they left Texas fifteen years earlier, and now that they're living near each other again, that friendship is stronger than ever.  Each of them is going through a difficult time in her life, and the love and support they offer each other is what keeps them going some days.  Kate and Sophie will be getting their stories later in the year, and I look forward to reading them.  A sweet and funny romance, look for A FOREVER THING.

Jennifer Bishop