Harlequin Desire #2374
ISBN: 978-0-373-73387-3
May 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

New Zealand and Zahir – Present Day

As a history teacher distantly related to a long ago bride of a Zahir Templar Knight, Sarah Duval is deeply interested in learning what happened to a missing dowry that was moved to safety during the war, but then was lost after the person who knew the hiding place died. Visiting the Zahir consulate during a storm to help in her research, she encounters a handsome man—one she assumes is a security guard—named Gabe. Something about him pulls her to him, but rather than stay, she leaves. However, Gabe ends up rescuing her from a potential mugging outside and takes her home. One thing leads to another…with a night of passion the end result. The next morning when she awakens, Gabe is gone, and Sarah attempts to go on with her life…until she discovers she's pregnant.

Gabe is really Sheikh Kadin Gabriel ben Kadir, the heir to the Zahir throne, and a man about to enter into an engagement to a woman he doesn't love because his country needs the funds her dowry would provide. After that night with Sarah, Gabe attempted to move on with his life, but with the help of security, was able to keep tabs on her. When he learns she might be pregnant, he reenters her life. Sarah is not happy to see him, especially when he reveals his true identity. Gabe informs her that he'll break off his engagement in order to marry Sarah and provide his kingdom with an heir. However, is this love…or just a marriage for convenience sakes?

A chance encounter led to a one-night stand—and an unplanned pregnancy—for a couple who never forgot the other in THE SHEIKH'S PREGNANCY PROPOSAL. Gabe's life is all about responsibility and doing the right thing to bring in a nice dowry for his country. When he spots Sarah in the consulate, something about her draws him to her, and for her, he is a man who takes her breath away. As Gabe mulls over which woman to marry, he is pulled to Sarah, and sees her as his one last opportunity to make love to a beautiful woman before his fateful decision. But she means more to him than a one-night stand, especially after he learns it was her first time and they forgot to use protection. Maybe deep down inside he wanted her to get pregnant…

Gabe hopes to keep Sarah's pregnancy under wraps while he meets with his soon-to-be-ex-fiancée and her father to tell them about his change in plans and to figure out how to repay the funds her father had already forked over. But Sarah is determined to only marry for love and secretly follows him to Zahir, where she discovers his ex is also there. After Gabe spots her, he goes after her and tries to convince her everything is all right, but of course she's insecure. Will Gabe prove to Sarah he can provide her with a happily-ever-after, or will she refuse to marry him rather than be in a loveless marriage?

Their lives may be totally different from each other's, but the past ties together Gabe and Sarah's life in THE SHEIKH'S PREGNANCY PROPOSAL. Will history repeat itself as he takes a bride related to his long ago relative? Can they find happiness—and love—despite the stress of an unplanned pregnancy? Gabe and Sarah surely belong to each other, but they'll have a rocky road to find their way to love in THE SHEIKH'S PREGNANCY PROPOSAL.

Patti Fischer