The Pearl House , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2238
ISBN: 978-0-373-73251-7
June 2013
Series Romance

Medinos Island off Greece; and Auckland, New Zealand – Present Day

Gemma O'Neil had a torrid one night stand with billionaire Gabriel Messena over six years ago, and since then she has tried to avoid him at all costs. But her luck runs out on the night she's trying to land Gabriel's cousin Zane as a husband. Just as she has entered his suite of rooms, she learns that Zane is about to become engaged to someone else. Gemma tries to escape in hopes the lurking press won't see her, but runs straight into Gabriel's arms. He whisks her away to his house, where he turns the tables on her by proposing that she become his fake fiancée—in exchange she lands a job with his company. Sounds wonderful, but Gemma has a secret. Six years ago, she gave birth to Gabriel's daughter—and he doesn't know it.

Gabriel has worked hard to rebuild his family's banking business after the scandal surrounding his father's death nearly toppled it. But major decisions are under the control of his uncle as part of his father's will, with the stipulation that if Gabriel marry or become engaged, he would then get complete control over the business. He's never forgotten about Gemma—or their night together—so when she literally stumbles into his arms, he sees an opportunity. He might even make their engagement real, if he can get over the fact that she has a daughter by another man…

Secrets, deceptions, and a never forgotten night is the story in THE FIANC É E CHARADE by Fiona Brand. Gemma walks in Gabriel's world, but has managed to avoid him, because to face him might force her to reveal that he is the father of her daughter. Right now she is facing a battle with foster care and questions over her mothering abilities after a nanny left her daughter alone. An engagement to a prominent man like Zane Atraeus would prove that she is stable. But she is unaware that Zane is involved with another woman until the night she tries to seduce him—her mere presence would ignite a scandal if the press see her leaving his room. Accepting Gabriel's offer for sanctuary was hard to do, but one she couldn't say no to. Yet, once alone, she is unable to resist his kisses once again. Is Gemma playing with fire by being around Gabriel?

Gabriel feels angered by Gemma's party girl reputation and the fact that she has now marked Zane for husband material. He arrives on Medinos Island bent on finding and stopping her. It's a stroke of luck that she runs into him and needs a fast getaway from the photographers hanging around. Then he places his plan into motion. He will get Gemma out of his system and gain control of his family's company—but one night with Gemma isn't enough. How will he react when he learns of her duplicity in not telling him about their child?

THE FIANC É E CHARADE begins on Medinos Island off the coast of Greece, then shifts to New Zealand. Gabriel and Gemma's fling years ago took place at Dolphin Bay, New Zealand, and readers can guess a trip there is in the works for this “never-forgot-each-other” couple. Gemma thinks Gabriel rejected her because she wasn't good enough for him after he became head of his family's business. He was busy, but afraid Gemma would distract him when he needed to concentrate on business. Now, they are given a second chance at happiness, but it may be doomed if he ends up hating her for not telling him about their child. A captivating romance, pick up THE FIANC É E CHARADE to find out how it all ends up.

Patti Fischer