The Pearl House , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2430
ISBN: 978-0-373-73443-6
February 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New Zealand Present Day

The terms of the will of Eva Astraeus's late foster father requires that she has to be married by a certain date in order to claim her inheritance. Since then, Eva has been frantically searching for a groom to marry for a couple of years. Love isn't going to factor in. But every time she's found a man that fit her requirements, the executor of the will, Kyle Messena, has interfered by bribing the would be groom away. Now, with two weeks left until the deadline, Eva is feeling hopeless and lashes out at Kyle. When she was a teenager, Eva was attracted to Kyle, but he spurned her advances. He later married, only to suffer tragedy when his wife and son were brutally killed by a bomb aimed at him. Kyle has indicated he doesn't plan to marry again, but suddenly he offers to marry Eva. Does he have an ulterior motive?

Kyle has frozen his heart against falling in love again, yet he doesn't understand why Eva's choice of a husband matters to him. But watching her become hopeless as the deadline approaches has him blurting out the last thing he thought he'd say: a marriage proposal. Maybe it is because he gave into the lust he felt for Eva one night and made love to her, although she has made it clear she plans to punish him by demanding a marriage in name only. The attraction between them is strong, but can Kyle's resolve to never love another woman put a barrier between him and Eva?

Eva never planned to marry after the tragedy of her childhood and knowing she carries a fatal gene that killed all of her siblings. Her mother was a derelict who finally died, leaving Eva to fend for herself and be put into foster care. But Mario Atraeus brought her into his home and raised her into a beautiful and poised woman. Eva isn't a greedy woman, but the money from her inheritance would greatly help her wedding planning company. Why is Kyle continuing to interfere in her life? Getting involved with him would be a mistake, especially since she cannot afford to get pregnant and pass on the gene in her system. Yet, after one night together, will Eva find herself pregnant?

It's a somewhat dark tale, and in NEEDED: ONE CONVENIENT HUSBAND, Kyle and Eva find themselves at odds against one another. Yet deep down their objections are likely due to the fact that they are attracted to each other. After the death of his wife, Kyle feels he doesn't deserve a second chance at love, while Eva thinks no man would love her if they knew she didn't plan to have a child for fear of passing on a deadly gene. Their battle is passionate and soon turns into molten hot desire. Will this passion find them falling in love? Find out in the sizzling hot NEEDED: ONE CONVENIENT HUSBAND.

Patti Fischer