The Pearl House , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2166
ISBN: 978-0-373-73179-4
June 2012
Series Romance

Medinos and Australia – Present Day

As her sister prepares to marry billionaire Constantine Atraeus, Carla Ambrosi suspects that the secret she's had for the past two years is about to unravel. Carla has carried on a clandestine affair with Constantine's brother, Lucas, and while the marriage will connect them, it also complicates their relationship. Arriving on Medinos for the wedding, Lucas brings another woman as his date. Clearly a slap in the face and a message that things are over. Yet the fiery passion between them proves that there is a lot of unfinished business.

Two years ago, Lucas found himself unable to resist Carla, despite the family conflict and scandal that swirled around his brother and her sister. Now that the issues have been resolved, Carla and Lucas will be connected, and it scares him. A secret affair is one thing, but how can he be around Carla and no one suspect the truth? So, it is time to break things off and think about marriage to a more suitable woman. But what he thinks is the correct decision isn't what his body wants. Time and time again, as he tries to push Carla away, the harder it becomes to resist her.

The fiery passion between Lucas and Carla threatens to expose their secret affair in A TANGLED AFFAIR. While Carla has seemingly gone along with keeping their affair hush-hush, she now realizes that things have come to a head with the marriage of her sister to Lucas's brother. Either they will become public, or end it. While Lucas is not honest with Carla, his actions speak louder than any words with the other woman on his arm. Carla is shattered, so she tries to push away Lucas in hopes to avoid him seeing how much pain she is in from his rejection.

Lucas and his family have been involved in a plan of revenge against the Ambrosi family, but all that ends with Constantine's marriage to Carla's sister. Peace will rule in the family, yet it won't in Lucas's heart. Carla is a hard driven woman much like himself, but she isn't the woman he should marry. The sex between them is scorching and intense, but he feels his heart beginning to be lost to Carla…all wrong in his mind, as he convinces himself that he can't love any woman because of the past betrayals that shaped his life.

Fiona Brand has penned an intense tale of secrets, lies, and passion in A TANGLED AFFAIR. Secrets might be kept for a long time, but they are bound to eventually be exposed. Lucas hopes to avoid the secret of their scandalous affair by breaking things off, but his body can't give her up. Work comes before pleasure, except when they're around each other. Lucas and Carla have a difficult path in the road to their happiness. Will they find it? Discover for yourself in the intriguingly entertaining A TANGLED AFFAIR.

Patti Fischer