The Pearl House , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2178
ISBN: 978-0-373-73191-6
August 2012
Series Romance

Australia and Medinos – Present Day

Lilah Cole has made it perfectly clear that she is looking for a rich husband to keep her financially secure. As one of the wealthy Atraeus brothers, Zane isn't interested in making her list, even though being near her entices him. When she sets her sights on his brother, Lucas, jealousy hits Zane. Lilah is mine reverberates through his head. Yet even as he rejects those thoughts, he watches his brother woo her, then break off the engagement for another woman. Zane could let Lilah walk away and out of his life, but he can't. He can't promise Lilah marriage, but he can show her the impact of his desire.

Lilah isn't necessarily a gold digger in her quest for a wealthy man with whom she plans to spend the rest of her life in wedded bliss. After a shaky childhood fraught with financial worries, she wants to make sure that her future is secure. Love won't come into it, though it would be a nice plus. Zane Atraeus excites her, even as much as he frightens her because of the intense attraction that lies between them. Two years ago she nearly gave him her virginity, even though he is the last man she should be thinking of falling for—or marrying. Now he has whisked her off to a secluded area on Medinos for whatever reason he has in mind. Will it include making love to her?

Zane is the youngest and the wildest of the three Atraeus brothers and the one most determined to never marry. Lilah, on the other hand, is on a concentrated campaign to find the perfect husband. Lucas didn't work out, so she's pulling out her spread sheet and considering the latest prospects. Once Zane sneaks in and gets a view of what she considers the right husband material, will he try to win her? What will he do if he realizes that the cool, beautiful woman he can't get out of his mind just might give him her most precious asset—her virginity?

The third installment in The Pearl House series by Fiona Brand, A PERFECT HUSBAND has marriage phobic Zane battling with himself over his feelings for Lilah. He walked away and planned to never see her again, yet when his brother Lucas announced he was going to marry Lilah, the flames were fanned again. Two years ago Zane nearly gave into the passion that flared between them, but now that he has brought her back into his life, will he make her his in the bedroom? Can he conform to her model of A PERFECT HUSBAND?

For an intriguing tale that provides an exotic feel, be sure to grab a copy of A PERFECT HUSBAND off the shelves before it's gone.

Patti Fischer