The Pearl House , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2154
ISBN: 978-0-373-73167-1
April 2012
Series Romance

Sydney, Australia and Medinos, Greece – Present Day

Two years ago, billionaire Constantine Atraeus and heiress Sienna Ambrosi had a whirlwind romance that ended with an acrimonious broken engagement when he suspected that she was only marrying him for his money. At Sienna's father's funeral, Constantine approaches her about some loans his father made to her father. He's come to collect, even if it means she will be the collateral—and part of his revenge. While Constantine insists to his brothers that he doesn't still love Sienna, he can't resist the pull of attraction that simmers between them.

Sienna is determined to save her family pearl business…at any cost. If it means having to sleep with Constantine and be his pawn in whatever game he's playing, so be it. Two years ago she couldn't convince him that she knew nothing about her father's shady business affairs, and his lack of trust broke her heart. The man is heartless and ruthless. Yet, as she is forced into his company, the passion explodes once again. Will she end up with her heart getting singed and also lose her beloved family business?

Two former lovers are at odds in Fiona Brand's A BREATHLESS BRIDE. As much adversaries as collaborators, Constantine and Sienna fell in love in a rush of instantaneous desire two years ago, yet their love shattered when her father's financial betrayal became known. Since then, Sienna and Constantine have stayed apart, but despite everything, they are linked when her father continues business dealings with Constantine 's father. But he plans to step in and get back his family's money from Sienna, who is now running the pearl business. Will he take her love and systematically crush it in his fist?

Desperate to do whatever it takes, Sienna agrees to accompany Constantine on trips to his resorts, aware that he expects her to occupy his bed. For her, that won't be a terrible thing, but she is afraid that he will see how much she cares for him and use it to his advantage. What Constantine doesn't know is that she plans to turn the tables on him by combining business with pleasure and saving her company.

The passion runs deep between Constantine and Sienna in A BREATHLESS BRIDE, the first tale in The Pearl House series. We are also introduced to Constantine 's brothers, Lucas and Zane, who will likely have their own stories soon.  We also meet Sienna's sister, Carla, who is the PR person for the family business. Carla warns Sienna to watch her back and her heart, but it just may be too late.

This is a tale that travels the world as Constantine and Sienna meet face to face again after a betrayal. As they battle over old wounds, they rediscover the magic of their love. An engaging tale, don't miss A BREATHLESS BRIDE.

Patti Fischer