A Deadglass Novel , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2457-6
May 2013
Paranormal Romance

Seattle City – After the Unraveling

The time after the Unraveling has been hell on earth for the people of Seattle City. For Grace Mercer, known as the Reaper, her bondage to her late master, Sven, a Drekar (dragon-shifter), has meant that she has spent most of her young adult life killing wraiths. The survivors of the holocaust include humans, the Dreki, Kivati (other shape-shifting beings), and aptrgangr (undead), although the last can hardly be called survivors. All are just trying to live amid the ruins and to protect themselves from Kingu, the wraith.

When Grace meets Sven's younger brother, Leif, the new Regent, she is not impressed. Yes, he's as handsome a devil as his brother was, but he is different in other ways. First of all, Leif is a scientist and a reluctant leader. Grace is bound to him and must obey him, but she wants to stay as far away from him as possible. She is confused, however, when he pursues her—and not in the manner of a master to a slave. While Grace can't help but be attracted to him, she knows only too well what the Dreki can do to her soul.

Leif knows that Grace is more than what she both claims to be and what she thinks she is. He feels that her abilities to destroy aptrgangr are indicative of something much more powerful, but her antipathy towards him makes it difficult to delve deeper. Leif is both physically and mentally attracted to Grace, and he's not going to let her stubbornness stop him from his goal. He knows that soon Kingu will try to take over Seattle, and he's hoping he can unite the varied entities to fight the wraith—and one of those entities is Grace.

The second book in the Deadglass series, HEARTS OF SHADOW, is one exciting, sensual scene after another. Grace is tough, brave, and yet vulnerable. She witnessed the death of her parents at the hands of aptrgangr, so her determination to destroy them is understandable. But her abilities are quite simply amazing, especially to Leif. He has been in his brother's shadow, and now as Regent prefers to stay in the limelight. Unfortunately, he's not going to be allowed that privilege. The gradual teaming of Grace and Leif is the basis of this story, and it's quite a journey!

There is plenty of darkness in this novel, but also many glimpses of hope. Grace is an amazing heroine, and Leif is one determined and much too human dragon for her to ignore.

Well written with incredible characters, don't miss HEARTS OF SHADOW. While it can be read alone, I recommend that readers start with the first book, HEARTS OF DARKNESS.

Jani Brooks