A Deadglass Novel
ISBN 13: 978-1-4201-2458-3
ISBN 10: 1-4201-2458-7
March 2014
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington – In the Future

The Unraveling, seven months ago, demolished the Gates between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead. It allowed the Babylonian demigod, Kingu, into the Living World, making the city of Seattle a ruin. Since then Kingu has gathered armies of undead and has been seeking Tiamat's Heart, the Babylonian Goddess of Chaos, in order to extract those powers. But a brave young woman, Lucia, led a band of Kivati warriors under the leadership of Lord Kai, and defeated Kingu. In doing so, however, she ignored the Raven Lord's orders, so Lucia will have to face him soon, as he is also her betrothed.

Lucia has known that she is the Crane, the one who will lead her people out of darkness. She has also known that her future should lie with Emory Corbett, the Raven Lord, who is her fiancé. But Lucia wants nothing more to do with any of this; she's frightened and, despite her physical attraction to Corbett, she loathes the thought of marrying him. As she heads to Kivati Hall to face Corbett, the Aether (shining water that fills the space between air and earth) heats up. Kai and his fellow Thunderbirds shapeshift into the giant birds they have as their totems, and land near the Raven Lord, handsome, powerful, and deadly. Corbett is furious with her betrayal, and Lucia stands up to him, as scared as she is. Then later, she calls off the engagement, much to her family's disappointment, and Corbett's shock.

Tiamat, in the meantime, has taken over Lord Kai's former lover's body…Astrid Zetian. Kai is unaware of this at first, but soon is under Tiamat's control when she takes over the city. Corbett sets off for the Land of the Dead in order to retrieve the Scepter of the Goddess of Death and, to his astonishment, he is suddenly joined by Lucia. Can Corbett put aside his feelings for Lucia in their deadly quest? Will they be able to convince the Goddess of Death to give them the Scepter—and what will be her price?

Book three of the Deadglass series, HEARTS OF CHAOS begins with a brutal battle and takes readers through a maze of both heartrending and magical adventures. Lucia and Corbett are at odds with each other from the beginning, but still both want what is best for their people and their world. If teaming up to destroy Tiamat is what it will take, they are both prepared to do so. There will be much heartache involved, though.

Exciting, well written, and with realistic characters, HEARTS OF CHAOS was a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Jani Brooks