Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-455-50204-2
November 2012
Romantic Suspense

Hopewell, Ohio - Present Day

With only minutes to spare, Justin Sims is awarded a stay of execution, but Erin Sims, his older sister, knows they aren't out of the woods yet.  After twelve years of fighting, she now has exactly one week to prove that her brother didn't murder a senator's daughter, and she'll have to do it on her own.  For years she's insisted that John Huggins, an older man who'd had an affair with the girl, was responsible for her murder, but no one takes her seriously, and then Huggins disappeared.  She's finally tracked him down to the small town of Hopewell, Ohio, but Erin is not about to leave her brother's future in the hands of some small-town sheriff who probably won't care—she'll travel there herself.

Nick Mann planned to spend the anniversary of his wife's murder exorcising the ghosts of his past, but things don't go quite as he'd hoped.  First, on the way to the cabin, Nick finds a murdered woman, and, while it's not his jurisdiction and therefore not his case, he can't stop wondering about her.  Then his weekend is interrupted by Erin Sims, who insists he look into her brother's case and investigate Jack Calloway—an upstanding citizen who has done some good things for the tiny town of Hopewell.  Nick doesn't believe that he'll find anything, not even after Jack admits to being John Huggins.  But then Nick catches Jack/John in a lie, and his instincts start screaming that there may be a connection after all.

With time running out for Justin, Nick and Erin will have to work together to find out the truth about Jack, especially when people start to go missing in Hopewell.  Has a serial killer been living in the “safe” small town all this time, and will Erin get the proof she needs to free her brother … or become a victim herself?

WHERE ANGELS REST is a thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.  Erin has spent the past twelve years trying to get the authorities, or anyone, to believe her about Justin, all while fighting for victims of crimes herself.  Justin was only seventeen when convicted, and there is nobody to fight for him except Erin.  She's had too many law enforcement officers ignore her, and whatever evidence she finds against Huggins is thrown out as circumstantial or easily explained away.  She's not going to take a chance that the sheriff in Hopewell is going to be any different, but to say she's shocked by Nick is an understatement.  Nick's wife was killed because of his investigation into organized crime while on the police force in Los Angeles, and every year since her death he's spent the anniversary drunk and trying to rid himself of the guilt.  This new investigation brings unwanted media attention, and a lot of suspicion in his small-town haven, but it also has his blood humming in a way it hasn't since becoming the sheriff.

A captivating story, don't miss WHERE ANGELS REST.

Jennifer Bishop