A SINFUL DECEPTION Isabella Bradford
A Breconridge Brothers Novel , Book 2
Ballantine Books
ISBN-13:  978-0-345-54814-6
March 2015
Historical Romance

London, England 1771

Serena Palmer is attending another ball with her grandfather's sister when she meets the famous and attractive Lord Geoffrey Fitzroy.  Serena came from India to England seven years before, and after a dance when Geoffrey talks to her in Hindi, it brings back many sad memories.  Serena's grandfather is the Marquis of Allwyn, and years before, his son had gone to India with the Army.  He left the service and became a dealer in everything, arms included.  Serena is the daughter of a dancer he met in a brothel, and her father, his wife, and other daughter died when the fever went through their estate, and no one else survived.  However, everyone thinks she is the legitimate daughter, and by the time she recovered from the fever she was in England and dare not say she was the daughter of a dancer.  Serena is afraid to get too close to anyone, because if anyone finds out who she really is, she could get sent back to India and live a life of poverty on the streets.

At the ball, Geoffrey bets his brother Harry a hundred pounds he can get Serena to dance with him, something no other man has been able to do yet.  Then Geoffrey talks Serena into meeting him while riding horses the next several days and, despite himself, is intrigued with her.  As Geoffrey gradually learns her story he feels something for Serena he can't explain, until they get caught in her kitchen by her grandfather and aunt and the preacher.  Geoffrey must do the right thing and offers for Serena's hand in marriage, despite warnings from his father and brother.  Her grandfather has misgivings but approves the marriage; however, her uncle Radnor hates her, and will stop at nothing to get his brother's inheritance from her no matter what he has to do.

Isabella Bradford takes us to England where one's reputation is all important, especially your relatives and bloodline.  Told from Geoffrey's and Serena's points of view, Geoffrey is used to a charmed existence and all the beautiful women he wants.  Serena lives on the edge, always worrying about being found out.   Although she comes to love Geoffrey, she knows someday there will be a reckoning when everyone finds out she's a fake, and then what will happen to her?  Serena also fears if she has a baby it might give her away by being dark-skinned.

Secondary characters include Serena's grandfather and Lady Morley, his sister.  Geoffrey's brother Harry and his wife are showing him how a happy marriage can change a man, and Uncle Radnor is constantly trying to do his best to ruin Serena's life.

A SINFUL DECEPTION has Serena's memories of India and how the knowledge of her history holds her future in the balance.  Geoffrey grows to care for Serena and to help her with the awful dreams, and he'll stop at nothing to find out what she is still holding back from him.  With a happy ending, Serena's road to love is heartwarming and exciting and will get your heart beating over what will happen when Geoffrey finds out the truth.  Enjoy a historical romance with some gripping emotions this month and read A SINFUL DECEPTION.

Carolyn Crisher