Rhymes With Love , Book 4
November 2014
Historical Romance

London, 1811

Hannibal started it all; Hannibal, the one-eyed tom cat owned by Miss Louisa Tempest. Louisa and her twin Lavinia are in London for their first social Season courtesy of the posthumous gift of their god-mother, Lady Charleton. Louisa doesn't plan to marry…ever. But Lavinia longs to find a good and respectable husband, and Louisa will do all she can to support her twin. She only hopes no one in London learns the family secret.

Pierson Stratton, Viscount Wakefield wakes up in his usual hangover fog when he hears loud yowls and sounds of things breaking. He grabs a wrapper and heads out his door only to come upon a strange young lady trying to catch a cat. It turns out she and the beast have just come to stay next door and that she, in spite of her prettiness, is a pushy, managing pest who makes it her business to interfere in his household and his life. Pierson came back from the fighting in Spain with a bad leg, thanks to a French sniper, and a wounded soul that has turned him into a recluse. Louisa is horrified by the condition of Lord Wakefield's house and is determined to put it to rights. Doesn't she belong to the Society for the Temperance and Improvement of Kempton at home? Kempton where neighbors help neighbors?

THE VISCOUNT WHO LIVED DOWN THE LANE is the fourth book in the nursery rhyme inspired series Rhymes With Love . While it connects to earlier books, ALONG CAME A DUKE, AND THE MISS RANAWAY WITH THE RAKE, and IF WISHES WERE EARLS, it stands very well on its own. With its cantankerous hero and sprightly unawakened heroine—besides a large cast of individuals of many sorts—it offers fun, suspense, passion and romance. For enchanting tales, I readily recommend it and its prequels.

Jane Bowers