ALONG CAME A DUKE – Elizabeth Boyle
ISBN: 978-0-06-208906-9 (Print)
ISBN: 978-0-06-208903-8 (e-Book)
June 2012
Regency Historical Romance

England – 1810

Tabitha Timmons relies on relatives and friends to survive after the death of her father. When she suddenly discovers that she has inherited a sizable fortune, she is relieved until she learns that she must marry a complete stranger. Unfortunately, she also meets the very eligible and very roguish Duke of Preston who sets her heart aflutter, but also sets her teeth on edge with his cheekiness. What's a girl to do when she is under the control of people who don't exactly have her happiness in mind?

Preston is fascinated with the independent young Tabitha, wooing her until he discovers that she hasn't been up front with him. She's betrothed! Still, he's enchanted and continues to see her, realizing that a loveless marriage to a complete stranger shouldn't be Tabby's fate. But how will this sit with those who control, or hope to control, Tabitha's fortune?

ALONG CAME A DUKE is a delightfully enjoyable tale of two highly independent people who, while not exactly compatible at first, realize that they're very much alike in the most important way…love. It takes a while for this romance to blossom, but when it does, Tabitha and Preston have many roadblocks in their way. Just who is this mysterious man she is supposed to marry? And how soon will Preston realize that Tabby is the one?

An exciting climax that culminates in a very satisfactory ending to this sweet story, wonderful characters, and terrific writing make ALONG CAME A DUKE a great way to start the summer reading season.

Jani Brooks