The Playful Bride Series , Book 8
St. Martins
ISBN: 978-1-250-12171-4
November 2017
Regency Romance

England 1818

Meg Timmons must overcome her family's bad reputation if she is to marry someone who moves her heart. But the one man she has loved since she was a child is Viscount Hart Highgate, her best friend's brother. And since their two families despise each other, it's unlikely Meg, with a meagre dowry, can overcome the distance to attract him.

Hart has decided that it's time he step up and get married. His rakish reputation must be left behind so that he can do his duty to his family. The problem is finding the right woman to fit into his lifestyle, one who has an impeccable reputation, a good family, and can present a respectable dowry.

The only way Meg can attract Hart is to find a way to attend the same parties that he does. When her friends step up and offer to help with gowns, jewels, and advice, Meg reluctantly goes along with their idea. Is it possible that Hart can overlook their family issues? And her lack of a decent dowry?

THE RIGHT KIND OF ROGUE is book eight of the Playful Bride Series. It's poignant, entertaining, and has well rounded characters. It's was a little slow at first, but built up to many surprising events. Well written and nicely researched, this was a fun book to read.

Jani Brooks