Playful Brides Series , Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-07257-3
November 2015
Historical Romance

London, June 1816

Lady Daphne Swift plans to make an announcement at her family's upcoming ball…after Lord Fitzwell proposes as expected. All goes well until the dashing Captain Rafferty Cavendish shows up. Daphne is an earl's daughter;Rafe is a “nobody” who worked himself up in the ranks and is a spy for the War Office. He's also Daphne's in-name-only husband. This came about when she went along with her brother Donald and Rafe on a mission. The understanding was that when the mission was over, they would get the secret marriage annulled. Now Rafe needs Daphne for one more mission: to trade for some papers from the French's hired Russian lackeys and to get the men responsible for Donald's torture and death.

Daphne is a spirited lass born with a yearning for adventure and to serve her country as Swifts have always done. She learned Russian in her younger days along with Donald and gladly went with them disguised as a cabin boy on Rafe's ship. If she helps with the current assignment, Rafe promises to get the annulment. Though reluctant to go again with Rafe, she agrees for Donald's sake.

How will this new venture affect her carefully laid plans for the rest of her life?

Though Fitzwell is deemed perfect for Daphne by her mother, there are those who might disagree. Among them are her Aunt Willie and her young Cousin Delilah. Others who might have fingers in the coming doings are the three heroines of the previous book in the well named Playful Brides series.

See for yourselves if Rafe is truly irresistible in this lively romp of a romance.

Jane Bowers