NIGHTCHASER – Amanda Bouchet
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-10: 1492667137
ISBN-13: 978-1492667131
January 2019
Science Fiction Romance

The Galaxy - Far in the Future

Quin, captain of the stolen spaceship the  Endeavor , is in a perilous place. She and her crew are all escapees from Hourglass Mile, a prison of extreme violence. Now they operate with the Nightchasers, a rebel group working against the all-powerful Galactic Overseer. They have stolen a medical lab filled with vaccines, literally attaching it to the  Endeavor . However, the  Endeavor  desperately needs to recharge its power which Quin and her crew have depleted escaping capture. When she believes she has brought her ship to a safe place in Sector 14, very near the Black Widow—one of space's black holes—she discovers that Captain Bridgebane of the  Dark Watch 12 , one of the Galactic Overseer's enforcement spaceships, is right behind the  Endeavor . Bridgebane demands they surrender. Quin, ever defiant, wants and needs to get the vaccines to an orphanage to save thousands of children's lives, but Bridgebane's appearance makes her wonder why the lab's theft has brought such persistent pursuit.

Before making any decision, she decides to see what is in the lab. Unexpectedly, she finds a huge man and suspects he is a super soldier, but he remains nonthreatening. Along with the vaccines, she finds, equally surprising, vials of her own blood. Instead of surrendering or returning the lab, Quin tells her small crew of Jaxon, Fiona, Tess, Shiori, and Miko that she is taking the Endeavor into the Black Widow. They agree. So does the man from the lab she calls Big Guy. Seconds before moving the ship into the black hole, she tells her Uncle Bridgebane that she is Quintessa Novalight, the Overseer's daughter. She hates her father and her uncle. Through a quirk of fate the Endeavor survives the black hole. 

Shade Ganavan owns Ganavan's Products and Parts on the planet Albion 5. He has made some serious mistakes in the past and works to regain what he lost. A woman enters his store needing someone to repair some damage on her spaceship and he agrees to do the job. It can all be done in one week for the right price. The woman, Quin, attracts him as no woman ever has, but he soon learns something that changes his perspective. She has a huge bounty on her, the largest he has ever heard of, enough to let him reclaim his legacy.

The romance between Quin and Shade is both romantic and dangerous, challenging both their hearts and minds, yet each harbors suspicion and ulterior motives they cannot tell the other. The action is nonstop with many unexpected twists and turns as Quin learns more about herself and why she found her blood in the lab. NIGHTCHASER is a fast-paced sci-fi romance story with well-developed characters, a sexy romance, and enough danger to engage and immerse the reader in its perils.

Robin Lee