Harlequin Desire #2465
ISBN: 978-0-373-73478-8
August 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Billionaire distiller and single father Marcus Chambers is selective about whom he dates since he has to consider the needs of his infant daughter. His next door neighbor, reality TV personality Ashley George, isn't ready to settle down nor take on the responsibilities of childrearing. Yet Marcus can't deny Ashley intrigues him, even if she can be infuriating. They even once went on a date together that ended badly. She's in the midst of remodeling her apartment and the contractors are making all kinds of noise. But when Ashley invites Marcus to attend her show's season premiere party for publicity reasons (she needs a hot date), he agrees because it will give his company free publicity. However, he didn't realize how attracted to Ashley he is…

Ashley rose from being a poor daughter of Southern parents to prominence in the television industry as the “matchmaker” for all. She can match all kinds of people to find their happily ever after but can't seem to catch her own Mr. Right. Marcus annoys her because he's an uptight Brit who can't seem to relax. Yet, she soon needs him as her date and figures she can put up with him for an evening. But things turn out much better than she expects and they almost make love that night. When a fire damages her apartment, it is Marcus who invites her to stay with him for a few days. Will living in close quarters end up with them finishing what they almost started in bed?

Ashley never forgot her roots after she suddenly found fame and fortune in the television business. She's a bit of a celebrity, and when she needs a hot date for the party, it's Marcus she turns to. She half expects him to turn her down, but it turns out he is looking for free publicity for his company, and being seen at an event like this would be huge, especially with his company's product being served. Both Ashley and Marcus think they can survive being in each other's company, but once they touch and start to dance, hot lust rises. They can barely stick around at the party before they're leaving, but things cool off when they discover there are no condoms available, and Marcus realizes Ashley isn't mother material. However, Marcus and Ashley's appearance at the party stoked the flames in the media of a possible new hot celebrity couple, so suddenly they're having to prove everything is okay between them, or face the wrath of a sleazy tell-all writer.

Marcus is a single parent after his now ex-wife decided she wasn't cut out to be a wife or a parent. He wants to find the perfect role model mother for his child, and is being selective in whom he dates. Maybe too selective since he has only gone on three dates, with his ill-fated date with Ashley being one. He doesn't see her as a mother because of her full time job, and she acts off the wall at times. But sometimes the things we think we see are not really the truth. Once Marcus gets to know Ashley, he starts to realize she's a vulnerable woman who cares for people. Will Ashley and Marcus get a second chance to find out if they can make a go of things?

An intriguing romance that is interesting and different, grab a copy of THE CEO DADDY NEXT DOOR.

Patti Fischer