Harlequin Desire #2394
ISBN: 978-0-373-73407-8
August 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

North Carolina and New York City – Present Day

Billionaire businessman Adam Langford is all about business, and Melanie Costello's business is about saving her clients from scandal. When Adam's father hired Melanie after a scandal threatens their company's image, she almost turned it down because of her past with Adam that she hopes he won't remember. One sizzling night they met and hooked up, but the next morning she walked out before he woke up. She's embarrassed over her wanton behavior and hopes that Adam doesn't recognize her after she changes her hair style, etc. Alas, her disguise is no good, though Adam pretends for a bit. He soon lets her know that he knows exactly who Melanie is…and he wouldn't mind picking things up where they left off.

Adam's part in the scandal was innocent, but try explaining that to the media. He didn't want a PR person to run interference, but when he recognizes Melanie, he agrees to his father's suggestion. He's still intrigued by the beautiful, but uptight woman who shared his bed one passionate night. Working closely with her only brings that red hot desire between them bubbling to the surface again. She wants to maintain a hands off approach, but Adam really wants to make love to her. What is it about her that arouses him?

It's all about THAT NIGHT WITH THE CEO which haunts Melanie. She never forgot her night of passion with Adam, but his reputation as a playboy doesn't make him good committed relationship material. Right now her focus is on rebuilding her business after her ex-boyfriend skipped out on her and left her with the bills. For this reason, she can't turn down Adam's father's job offer, despite the fact that it would bring her face to face with the man who made her body tingle in many different places that night. Adam is charming and irresistible, but she's going to try to keep their relationship strictly platonic. However, he's good at breaking down her wall of resistance wall.

Adam is worried about his ill father, so he agrees to start the process for the official takeover of the company, but first they need to do damage control due to the scandal. There's a little “unfinished” business between him and Melanie, but she's as prickly as a cactus and tries to avoid any personal contact with him. However, they do have to work together and the sparks can't be denied. After Melanie suggests he have a phony romance with a hot Hollywood star, she soon discovers that she's jealous. Is Melanie doomed to fall in love with a playboy who has no plans to be monogamous?

There's plenty of sexual tension simmering between Melanie and Adam in THAT NIGHT WITH THE CEO. Adam might appear to be a carefree playboy, but deep down he's a man who wants to be independent of his family. Melanie just wants to have good things happen after the recent events in her life. She doesn't know it yet, but meeting Adam is going to make her life unforgettable. An intriguing romance, grab a copy of THAT NIGHT WITH THE CEO.

Patti Fischer