Harlequin Desire #2422
ISBN: 978-0-373-73435-1
January 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Anna Langford has always been intrigued by her brother Adam's friend, Jacob Lin, but after the two men had a business fallout that ended their friendship, she hasn't seen him. With Jacob rumored to be behind a threatened takeover of the company run by her brother, she is on a mission to try to learn the truth…and to possibly appeal to Jacob to stop. Anna meets Jacob, and instantly there's a sizzling attraction between them. When he invites her on a weekend getaway to discuss business (of course!), she agrees, hoping that maybe things will work out and allow her to have her fantasies about Jacob making love to her come true.

Jacob thinks Anna is crazy to believe he and her brother could work out their differences. However, he's willing to listen to her pleas to stop the takeover, and he soon becomes intrigued by her. The chemistry between them snaps and pops, and it isn't long before they're lovers. But Jacob wants more than to be Anna's secret fling. Getting involved with her means confronting not only Adam, but giving up the fight to take over their company. Is Anna more important to Jacob than financial success? Will things come to a head when Anna and Jacob learn they're soon to become parents?

Jacob and Anna's brother, Adam, were once best friends, but after a disagreement that dissolved not only their business relationship but their friendship, they have been bitter enemies. Anna never forgot about Jacob as she had a huge crush on him back then. She approached Jacob to get to the bottom of the rumors that he was behind an attempt to take over her family's company, and she thought it was best to take him on by the horns. Anna didn't expect to find Jacob still had this effect on her, and she soon wants him like she has never wanted another man. The attraction is mutual, but both are aware of her brother being the elephant in the room with them. A secret affair is begun, but Jacob wants them to go public. However, after some things come to light that puts Jacob in a bad light, Anna breaks things off. Shortly afterwards she learns that she is pregnant. How will this affect any future relationship with Jacob?

PREGNANT BY THE RIVAL CEO is a sizzling tale of a couple who should be rivals but find love. Jacob is a bit of a change of pace for a Harlequin Desire hero as he is half Chinese and the cover reflects his heritage. Love is a universal language that everyone can understand, and soon Jacob and Anna are falling in love. She thought she couldn't get pregnant due to medical reasons, yet Mother Nature decided to provide them with an unexpected bundle of joy. While it throws both of them for a loop, it ends up expediting the climatic end to PREGNANT BY THE RIVAL CEO.

A riveting tale, be sure to put PREGNANT BY THE RIVAL CEO at the top of your to be read list.

Patti Fischer