Little Secrets Series
Harlequin Desire #2553
ISBN: 978-0-373-83880-6
November 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Three months ago, Charlotte Locke's affair with real estate magnate Michael Kelly ended badly when he rebuffed her after she confessed her love for him. She learned shortly afterwards that she was pregnant with his child, but hasn't yet told him. Now they're engaged in a battle to sell the most units in the newly opened hotel/condominium facility owned by her family. Just as Charlotte knew months before, Michael is a temptation she should avoid. However, when he ends up buying the condo unit next to hers, Charlotte can't avoid him—or the temptation. But will things change between them when Michael learns that she's carrying his child?

Michael was an Olympic gold medal swimmer who carried over the trait of competition to the business world. Because Michael disappointed his parents years ago by breaking off an engagement—at the party celebrating it—he is estranged from them and has vowed never to get into a committed romantic relationship again. He has built an empire on his own and wants to add on to it by gaining the real estate contract from the Locke family. However, Charlotte is part of Michael's past, and he knows he hurt her by breaking it off three months ago. But she remains a temptation that he soon can't resist.

Their affair was brief but intense, and in HOLIDAY BABY BOMBSHELL, Michael and Charlotte are thrown together once more. She is the youngest of the family, and her two brothers think she is just frivolously playing around. However, she is determined to prove herself and marches into her brother's office to demand that she be in on the project selling the condo units. He'd already offered the job to Michael and decides to compromise by suggesting that they both do it, with the one selling their shares first winning the contract. Charlotte isn't happy about it, but she has no choice. She thought she could avoid Michael. We know how that will turn out since he is now her neighbor.

Michael regrets that he hurt Charlotte when they split, but it hasn't changed his mind. He keeps clear of relationships and he thought the carefree Charlotte would agree, but once she said I love you he had to break it off. For most of HOLIDAY BABY BOMBSHELL, Michael doesn't know about the pregnancy, but it looms heavy in this tale as Charlotte tries to hide it and figure out when would be a good time to tell him. Will it change things between them once he's told?

HOLIDAY BABY BOMBSHELL takes place around the holidays, but that isn't the focus of the story. At the core is the rekindling romance—and the realization that they truly care for each other. An engaging and sensual tale, be sure to read HOLIDAY BABY BOMBSHELL.

Patti Fischer