ONE MORE KISS - Mary Blayney
Pennistan Family, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-553-59314-3
May 2013
Regency Romance


Fraternal twins Beatrice and Cecilia Brent are preparing for their debut in London by attending a house party. Their wealthy tradesman father is insisting they marry gentlemen, and he'd dearly love for them to be "noticed" early on so that it will clear the way for a productive Season. Cecilia is the stunning sister, sure to garner a host of eligible young men, while the studious Beatrice, while pretty in her own right, could care less if she ever marries. Beatrice much prefers books and art, Rembrandt in particular.

Lord Jessup Pennistan, reputed to be a rake, is at the house party for one thing, and one thing only—to win back the land he lost in a foolish card game with the cold-hearted Baron Crenshaw. The fact that he has befriended the rather outspoken Beatrice Brent means nothing; he is not interested in finding a wife. But she is  interesting, intelligent, and rather pretty. Her beautiful, but high strung sister is being pursued by both the scoundrel Crenshaw, and Jess's friend, the new Marquis Destry. Despite Destry's diminutive size, he seems determined to outgun Crenshaw as he woos Cecilia.

Beatrice and Jess keep running into each other and soon become chatty. It is Jess who reveals to Beatrice about his concern over Crenshaw and how much he detests the man. He tells her the secret behind his reputation in the ton. The two team up to keep Crenshaw away from Cecilia, and to encourage Destry.

Book five of the Pennistan series, ONE MORE KISS can and does stand alone. Jess and Beatrice are destined for each other, but there is plenty of drama to keep them apart. Secondary characters like Destry and the girls' maid are enjoyable and well presented. Nicely written, it did take me a while to get into the story.

A sweet Regency romance, ONE MORE KISS was an enjoyable read.

Jani Brooks