A Destiny Novel
ISBN: 978-0-06-202461-9 (Print)
ISBN: 978-0-06-213641-1 (eBook)
July 2012
Contemporary Romance

Destiny, Ohio – Present Day

Bookstore owner Amy Bright is known as the best matchmaker in Destiny, but she has yet to find her own Mr. Right. Sweet and shy, Amy suddenly realizes that she's in love with Logan Whitaker, but he only sees her as a friend he's known all his life. Amy decides to attract his attention by leaving him notes written by his “secret admirer.” Will the plan work, or is she setting herself up for embarrassment? A thorn in her plan is that Logan seems attracted to the newcomer in town, so Amy wonders if it may be too late to win his love.

After a tragic fire, Logan gave up firefighting and is embarking on a new career as a bartender. He appreciates Amy's concern that he shouldn't turn his back on firefighting, but the painful nightmares still continue. A new career and a new life…perhaps with the new girl who just arrived in town? When someone starts leaving him secret notes, it makes Logan stop and wonder who they're from. When Amy reveals herself, Logan is flattered…and takes action. But is it going to be in the right direction?

Welcome back to Destiny, a small town where everyone knows each other. Logan was carrying on a family tradition when he became a firefighter, but after a couple he knew died in a fire, he can't go back to that job. He's become a bit of a recluse, but Amy draws him out, but not in the direction she thought he'd go. Instead, he decides to become a bartender. Amy's heart breaks for Logan and soon she realizes she has other, more intense, feelings for him. But he only sees her as a longtime friend, someone he hangs around like he would his buddies. She has to make him see her as a woman he could love. Yet, she can't get him to focus on her at first because he has his hormones directed at another woman. So, after urging from her best friends Tessa and Rachel, she embarks on a letter writing campaign supposedly from a secret admirer that she hopes will do the trick. But even if it does attract Logan's attention, he doesn't think he's good enough for sweet Amy. Well, this good girl wants a walk on the wild side with Logan!

Toni Blake once again has penned a beautiful, enjoyable tale of love and life in a small town. Logan is shocked by his newfound feelings for Amy early on, to the point that he convinces himself that it was all a mistake. He gave up his career as a firefighter, and this becomes a bone of contention between our potential lovebirds. Amy thinks he's made a mistake and he doesn't want to face the past. Who will win the battle, or will they reach a compromise? WILLOW SPRINGS has as a subplot the wedding plans for Rachel and Tessa (from SUGARCREEK and WHISPER FALLS), so readers will get a chance to revisit them, as well as others. Then there is the new woman in town…she's from the past, yet everyone is a stranger to her. Will she find what she wants and remain in Destiny?

WILLOW SPRINGS finds love for the town's matchmaker. Will Amy and Logan find their happily-ever-after? Find out in this deliciously enjoyable tale.

Patti Fischer