Destiny Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-176580-3
January 2011
Contemporary Romance

Destiny, Ohio – Present Day

Tessa Sheridan has settled into life in Destiny, bought a home near Whisper Falls and enjoys the solitude of country living while learning to adjust to a debilitating disease. However, a new neighbor has moved in next door, along with constant and annoying motorcycle traffic headed to their place. One day while babysitting her friend Amy's cat, the animal gets out. While chasing the wily feline, Tessa runs into her new neighbor…Lucky Romo, who is big, intimidating and covered in tattoos. Yet as much as the sight of him startles her, deep inside this good girl is a bad girl just waiting to bust out. She's attracted to Lucky, and the feeling is mutual, yet there is a part of him that he keeps from her. Should Tessa get involved with a man who just may have a criminal past?

Lucky isn't proud of what he's done in his past, but knows it was necessary for his survival. Raised in Destiny, and with his brother Mike still living here, returning wasn't what he planned, but the sudden news he fathered a son years ago has him wanting to settle down while getting to know his son. Tessa is beautiful, smart and funny, and someone he shouldn't be falling for, but he does, despite the fact they are seemingly dissimilar. His motorcycle gang club past isn't exactly making him prime husband material. Can he come to grips with his past while salvaging some kind of future, hopefully with his son and Tessa as part of it?

In WHISPER FALLS , Toni Blake returns readers to Destiny and writes a powerfully emotional tale of redemption and resiliency. Tessa has slowly gotten herself back on her feet after losing her job in Chicago and being forced to return to Destiny—not only to recovery physically, but with her brother serving in Afghanistan, to be supportive of her parents. She's trying to start an interior decorating business, but it's been slow…until she meets Lucky and he offers to hire her. This forces them into contact, and slowly but surely, a tenuous friendship develops. Of course, it's filled with sexual tension and confrontations. Tessa isn't going to back down to anyone, even if he's a six foot three badass. But underneath his gruff and tough exterior is a pussycat of a man. Lucky will do anything for Tessa—except tell her the real truth about his past. Their encounters are sweet, sassy and sizzling. Their chemistry together is as hot as molten lava.

Lucky has to make peace with his past, including with his family. The whole Romo clan has been affected by the mysterious disappearance of Lucky's sister, Anna.  When Lucky was barely out of high school, he high-tailed it out of town and hadn't been in touch with anyone—and probably would have continued to stay away, except now he has a son to reach out to and get to know. Even as Lucky becomes comfortable living in Destiny and building his new life, he knows he can never let his guard down. Will his past come roaring back and destroy him and the people he's come to love, including Tessa?

Another stellar piece of writing, WHISPER FALLS is a story you'll fall in love with as you get to know Tessa and Lucky. Their story surely wasn't easy to tell, which is why it makes a poignant and emotional tale of love, redemption, and learning to open yourself to others. See what I mean by picking up your copy of WHISPER FALLS . You won't be sorry.

Patti Fischer