A Coral Cove Novel
ISBN: 978-0-06-222953-3
January 2015
Contemporary Romance

Coral Cove, Florida – Present Day

The real estate conglomerate that Camille Thompson works for has sent her on a mission to secure property owned by stubborn Reece Donovan for a mega resort. The small hotel he owns is called the Happy Crab, but is rundown and appears to have no guests. She figures convincing Reece to sign will be easy, but the laidback owner refuses to sell. Camille figures she can be just as stubborn as Reece and rents a room at the Happy Crab to wait him out. She's barely in her room when she gets the scare of her life—Reece's pet iguana, Fifi, is in the bathtub. Of course, her screams bring Reece to her room, where he bursts in and finds a naked Camille. She begins to wonder if staying here is such a good idea, especially when she gets turned on by the expression in his eyes…

Reece would rather that Camille not be there, but he can't refuse her request to rent a room. He figures he will be cordial and wait her out until she finally leaves—empty handed. Yet the more they interact with each other, the more it turns into mutual interest. Reece isn't into relationships and certainly not with the representative of a company that wants to take his motel. Camille, for her part, loosens up and becomes Cami, a woman who begins to enjoy the laidback lifestyle in Coral Cove. She even takes in a cat to hide for a neighboring restaurant. But it's her growing attraction to Reece that surprises her. He's not the most forthcoming man she's met, but he's definitely a man she can't resist.

The world is at a slower pace in Coral Cove and it's something Camille hasn't experienced since she got her high octane job as real estate power broker. She's the one her company turns to nail the coffin on a job when the going gets tough. She's seen as being as hard as nails, but Reece is a tough nut to crack. Of course, he's hiding a lot behind his laidback demeanor and not seeming to worry about the fact that he has no customers. But beneath his easygoing exterior is a man still troubled by the past and wondering if he is going to have to change—something he hasn't wanted to do all these years. Cami shouldn't be a woman he's attracted to, but her willingness to not only take him on and do things with him that she's never experienced has him seeing life in a new way.

Reece doesn't reveal a lot about his past to Camille in LOVE ME IF YOU DARE, but she picks up on his moodiness. His friends in town are loyal and won't reveal the truth. He has a lot of anger with himself, and Camille helps him work through his issues. She begins to learn a lot about herself also, a lot of which is that she's not as happy as she thought she was. Their chemistry is sizzling hot, and as much as they try to resist the inevitable, it can't be done in LOVE ME IF YOU DARE. Is Camille jeopardizing her career by getting involved with Reece? Can she persuade him that selling is the best thing for him to do? Will Camille grow to feel comfortable around Fifi?

If you love a super hot romance with a couple who start out at odds but soon discover a mutual attraction that  turns passionate, then LOVE ME IF YOU DARE is a book I highly recommend. Camille might be straitlaced to start, but Reece brings out her fiery passion for life—but will she end up in Coral Cove? Will Reece open up to her and let love fill his life? Grab this enchanting romance and put it at the top of your reading pile.

Patti Fischer