A Grand Valley Novel , Book 3
Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-5011-5517-8
November 2017
Western Romance

Present Day Colorado and Texas

Colorado game warden Braden Montgomery had his heart broken years ago. Since then, his only female companion is canine. That might have a possibility to change after he's assigned to escort the sexy star of a hunting show around his territory though he thinks the idea ridiculous.

Amber Regan is about to lose her show unless she can come up with something special. She plans a solo bow and arrow hunt for Colorado bull elk. Speaking of hunky males, her guide sparks all her hormones. As Amber prepares to enter and scout her chosen area, she antagonizes her guide, Braden Montgomery. They enter into a rivalry of sorts; she's determined to outdo him in everything outdoors. Their relationship evolves over time into something else altogether . . . something that doesn't have a chance . . . or does it?

Before I go further, I must say I had a hard time connecting with the heroine of READY FOR WILD, and not because she enjoys the wilderness so much as her own sort of wild. There is humor here, interesting development of the characters, and even some sympathy toward them. Just be prepared for variety and detail in their frequent private confrontations.

Jane Bowers