The Highland Warriors Series
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-08475-0
December 2016
Historical Romance

Scotland 14th Century

Magnus has been raised as the Laird Alwyn's bastard son, and made to hate the Clan Kincaid. But he learns from another warrior, who claims to be his brother, that he is, instead, one of the three sons of the murdered Laird Kincaid, and the tattoo on his arm proves it. His only way to revenge the past is to return to Alwyn's side at Burnbryde Castle, and somehow, someday, find a way to make Alwyn pay. When he kisses the future bride of Alwyn's successor, Magnus feels he's on his way towards that revenge.

Brought to Burnbryde Castle after growing up in a convent, Tara Iverach discovers that her sister, who was to marry Alwyn's son, has died mysteriously. Hugh, the laird's son, is a cruel, gruff man who threatens Tara in every way. If only the man who kissed her was the eldest son, instead of the by blow of the laird. The longer Tara resides in the castle, the more suspicious she becomes of how, and why, her sister died. Everyone in the castle tip toes around the laird and his lecherous son as they await the Earl of Buchan's arrival so that Tara and Hugh can be wed. But Tara will do anything to avoid the marriage. Whom can she trust, though?

THE REBEL OF CLAN KINCAID is the second book in The Highland Warriors series (the first book is BEAST OF CLAN KINCAID). Magnus, who is, in reality, Faelan Kincaid, bides his time, observing and absorbing the atmosphere as the castle prepares for the wedding. Tara will try her best to avoid the marriage, and she knows that Magnus is just as adamant as she is to keep her out of Hugh's clutches. But he has his own goal to accomplish, too.

An enjoyable, exciting read, THE REBEL OF CLAN KINCAID was a quick read with well written characters, and an exciting premise.

Jani Brooks