SEDUCTION IN SESSION - Shayla Black and Lexi Blake
The Perfect Gentleman , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-425-27533-7
January 2016
Romantic Suspense

Washington D.C. - Present Day

After twenty years in the CIA, Connor Sparks is used to doing whatever necessary to protect his country.  But when the threat is against President Zach Hayes – one of the five men Connor considers a brother – he'll go above and beyond.  He and his friends have determined that the person who runs the blog, Capitol Scandals, has information necessary to protect Zach as well as solve the murder of their recently lost brother, Maddox Crawford.  Lara Armstrong is not whom they expected to find behind the online tabloid, but now that they know who she is, Connor has a plan for getting the information he needs.

Lara is sure that the recent e-mails she received aren't as threatening as they seem, but as a favor to a new friend, she agrees to meet with a bodyguard about protection.  When somebody shoots at her, Lara realizes the threat is real, and Connor not only saves the day but also manages to get her father on board with a ruse that will keep the press from believing she's in danger.  Connor is a bit rougher than the type of men she's used to, so why does her body wake up and demand attention whenever he's around?  Lara's in the middle of an investigation that might bring down the president; she doesn't have time for an inconvenient attraction to her bodyguard, but resisting him may just be impossible.

The death of Maddox Crawford sent shockwaves through the brotherhood known as the Perfect Gentleman – six men who became friends at prep school and are all now powerful players on the world stage.  As they try to figure out who killed Mad, the men uncover a mystery that will affect them all.  In SEDUCTION IN SESSION, Connor goes undercover to find out what Lara knows, and gets more than he bargained for.  Unlike his friends, Connor attended prep school on a scholarship and only managed Yale because he'd already been recruited by the CIA.  He lives in shadows, doing what it takes to keep his friends and his country safe.  He sees Lara as a vegan hippie who has probably always had life easy, and someone so different from him that Connor can't understand the need driving him to make Lara his.  She's not quite as pampered as Connor imagines, and Lara's “tabloid” actually has a purpose.  She has exposed corruption in Washington and believes she's found one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the capitol.  She finds Connor bossy and annoying, but also sexy as hell, and it's not long before she decides to indulge herself with him.

While the chemistry between Lara and Connor brings about plenty of sexy scenes, the mystery they are embroiled in is just as compelling.  I would definitely recommend reading the series in order, because the mystery is the common plot between the books, and this novel picks up where SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS ended. Either way, SEDUCTION IN SESSION is a fascinating book that I found impossible to put down.

Jennifer Bishop