THE PREGNANCY AFFAIR – Elizabeth Bevarly
The Accidental Heirs , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2501
ISBN: 978-0-373-83828-8
February 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois and Northern Wisconsin – Present Day

Renny Twigg is a New York City attorney assigned to find the missing heir to an alleged Mafia family fortune. She locates the heir, billionaire Tate Hawthorne, in Chicago, and arrives on his doorstep to advise him of his “good” fortune. Turns out long ago his late father turned on his Mafia family and, after testifying, was placed into the witness protection program along with Tate and his mother. While they're discussing the news, which is a shock to Tate who didn't know, a federal marshal shows up to inform them that someone hacked the WITSEC computer system and Tate's safety has been compromised. The Mafia might now be after Tate to eliminate him. After further questioning, it appears Renny might know who hacked their computer, but just to make sure it's that person and not the Mafia, she and Tate will have to hide out. They're whisked off to Northern Wisconsin to hide out in a cabin with little food, no clothing, except what they're wearing, and just each other.

While things start out rocky for Tate and Renny in THE PREGNANCY AFFAIR, things soon heat up since there's very little to do except keep each other company. Oh, and make love. Renny doesn't want to admit to the Feds she may be the one responsible for the hacking since it'd mean jail time, so she keeps her mouth shut. But that was before she realized how remote the hiding place would be. The marshal takes off to get some supplies, but after a fierce rainstorm that leaves the only road impassible, he's unable to get back to the cabin, leaving Renny and Tate stranded…for several days. Tate isn't happy at the interruption to his life, but within twenty-four hours he's lusting after Renny and they're locking lips. They end up making do with what food there is, even if it is barely palatable, plus fishing in the nearby lake. Of course, since they left with very little, it means no condoms, no birth control, but that won't stop them from making love. Just when Tate and Renny are enjoying their time together, the marshal comes back and gives them the news that they can go. Oh, and Renny's participation in the hacking is exposed. Now guess who's mad at her for keeping him from his home and his work?

THE PREGNANCY AFFAIR is a cute little tale that is part of The Accidental Heirs series by Elizabeth Bevarly, but each book in the series is a standalone as there are no linking characters. The banter between Tate and Renny is charming and funny, as are some of the predicaments they get into, such as their fishing expedition. Their relationship starts out as love/hate, but soon turns into one steamy hot affair. Once the truth is found out, can Tate forgive Renny for her part? What about the Mafia and the estate Tate is inheriting…does he want it and the baggage it comes with since he's already a self-made billionaire?

An entertaining romance that will tickle your fancy, pick up a copy of THE PREGNANCY AFFAIR.

Patti Fischer