ONLY ON HIS TERMS – Elizabeth Bevarly
The Accidental Heirs , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2400
ISBN: 978-0-373-73413-9
September 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Washington, New York City and Cincinnati, Ohio – Present Day

Imagine if you inherited fourteen billion dollars…

Waitress Gracie Sumner only knew Harry as the retired, poor—but generous to others—man who lived next door to her until he died two years ago. But one day a lawyer shows up and informs her that Harry was Harrison Sage Jr., and he was a billionaire who'd left his family and fortune behind. He also left her his entire estate. Gracie lives frugally and can't imagine what she'd do with that kind of money, so her plan is to use it to better the lives of others. But first she has to go to New York and meet Harry's disinherited family and claim the money. One of the first people she meets at the family mansion is Harry's son, Harrison Sage III, who makes it clear he thinks she's a gold digger. Not the best way to start out with someone you're attracted to…

Harrison is perplexed about why his father left his fortune to Gracie and not to his family, especially after Harry ditched them without an explanation. He can take care of himself, but worries about his mother, Vivian, and can't get it out of his head that Gracie schemed and slept her way into Harry's life. Yet she appears sincere and real in wanting to help others and surprised at the inheritance. Then there is this description of his father that doesn't jive with the memories he has of the man. Who was the real Harry Sage, and is Gracie telling the truth?

An unexpected inheritance leads to a new life for Gracie in ONLY ON HIS TERMS. She'd led a fairly quiet lifestyle that was brightened with Harry's presence next door to her in Cincinnati, but after his death and a troubling incident involving a man, she relocated to Seattle. Gracie has plans for her future, and with the money she can now fulfill her dreams, but of course she wants to first better the lives of others. That is just the way Gracie is…help others before she helps herself.  Harrison was raised in a privileged lifestyle and only sees Gracie as a scheming gold digger who latched herself onto his confused father. Gracie not only tells Harrison about what his father was like during the time she knew him, but eventually takes him to Cincinnati to experience how it was back then. Needless to say, Harrison's eyes are opened. It also gives them a chance to act upon the sizzling attraction that began between them way back when they first met.

ONLY ON HIS TERMS is the first tale in The Accidental Heirs series by Elizabeth Bevarly, and if the rest are like this one, then readers are in for lots of enjoyable reading. Harrison and Gracie go toe-to-toe in fighting for what they see as the truth because she's not afraid to stand up to anyone who dares to tarnish her character. Gracie is a generous free spirit who shows Harrison how to live it up. Their romance is slow but heartfelt. An engaging romance, grab a copy of ONLY ON HIS TERMS.

Patti Fischer