Accidental Heirs , Book 4
Silhouette Desire #2514
ISBN: 978-0-373-83841-7
April 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Hogan Dempsey was merely a garage owner when he found out he was the sole heir of a megafortune from a grandfather he didn't know about. Now that he has a ton of money, he wants to woo a woman he fell for years ago, and devises a plan to get her attention by hiring away her personal chef. It works, but once Hogan has the chef, Chloe Merlin, under his roof, the hard part begins. Hogan is more of a meat and potatoes guy, while Chloe is into French cooking. Inevitably, there are clashes, but the more they argue over the menu, the greater the attraction rises between them.

Some people might think Chloe is a snob since she looks at Hogan and sees how he doesn't fit in with New York City high society. The guy prefers taco meatloaf and boxed mac & cheese to the elaborate meals she prepares for hm. Yet, there is something about him that makes her very aware of him. Chloe isn't looking for a romantic entanglement, since she is still grieving after the death of her husband. Then why is she getting this tingling sensation being around Hogan?

A BEAUTY FOR THE BILLIONAIRE is part of the Accidental Heirs series by Elizabeth Bevarly, but they are all standalone stories. Hogan was content running his garage and fixing meals for himself. He knew he was adopted and didn't care about contacting his real parents, but the day an attorney shows up to inform him that he's inherited money and property and that his real mother and grandfather are both dead, his life changes. Hogan sees it as an opportunity to win the hand of a beautiful socialite that he dated briefly fifteen years ago, but that means getting her attention by stealing her chef. All he needs to do is offer more money and grab Chloe from the woman. It works, and he did in fact get noticed. Alas, once he has “won,” the thrill of victory isn't as sweet.

Chloe and her late husband were chefs together and had a dream of opening their own restaurant, but his unexpected illness, then death, left her reeling. She carried on as a chef, wearing his chef's garb in his honor. While Chloe has kept per private life private, she inexplicably opens up to Hogan. He brings something out in her that she's never experienced. While they're as different as night and day, their connection is as one. But Chloe won't get involved with Hogan and resists the inevitability, because she feels she has frozen her heart from finding love again. Cupid has another idea…

A BEAUTY FOR THE BILLIONAIRE is a tale of opposites attracting and love winning out in the end. There are culture clashes, infused with a splash of humor. This makes A BEAUTY FOR THE BILLIONAIRE an entertaining story that readers won't want to miss. Grab your copy today.

Patti Fischer