Project: Passion , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2225
ISBN: 978-0-373-73238-8
April 2013
Series Romance

Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida – Present Day

After discovering that her designs are mysteriously being copied by a rival fashion house, designer Lily Zaccaro is determined to find out where the leak is coming from. She first hires a private investigator, but Lily then decides to just find out herself by going undercover as the new personal assistant to the CEO of the other label's company, Nigel Stratham. Meeting the man for first time, Lily realizes that she's going to have a hard time trying to resist the sexy Brit. Will Lily get to the bottom of the fashion caper without giving in to her attraction for Nigel?

Nigel has gone through his share of assistants, but his newest one, Lillian, is not only efficient but extremely adept when it comes to the fashion industry. He can't believe his luck in landing her, especially since she's easy on the eye. Lillian might be a tad mysterious, but there's no denying that spark between them. Will a business trip to Miami soon turn into nights of pleasure?

Heidi Betts brings readers into the cutthroat world of fashion designing with PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS, part of her newest series, Project: Passion , about the three Zaccaro sisters. Lily and her two sisters may have been born with silver spoons in their mouths, but they have funneled their passion for clothing by opening their own fashion label. When Lily discovers their designs showing up at another label, she has to take action—now. She figures by working undercover she will get to the bottom of who's responsible and be able to expose the truth. What she didn't expect was the affect Nigel would have on her.

Nigel is trying to build an independent company apart from his family's own famed fashion label and seems to be doing well, despite his merry-go-round of personal assistants. Lily/Lillian's intelligence and hard work win him over, and soon he's thinking of her as more than just an employee. However, Lily tries to keep him at arm's length, but all that becomes futile when the fiery passion between them explodes. Can they mix business and pleasure without destroying their working relationship? How will Nigel react when he learns Lily is really from a rival label and that she's snooping through his records?

Sharp wit and down to earth characters highlight the delightfully entertaining PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS. Chemistry sizzles off the charts as Nigel and Lillian/Lily work alongside each other, both trying to avoid the obvious attraction between them. All the while, readers are just waiting for Lillian's true identity to be revealed. Will both Lily and Nigel get what they want in the end? Find out yourself by grabbing up PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS for some fun reading pleasure.

Patti Fischer