Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7752-4763-6
October 2011
Paranormal Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Okay vampire lovers, sit down, make yourself comfortable, get a nice glass of wine or ice tea, and enjoy and savor the two part story of twin sisters meeting two vampire brothers.  You know they're all around, don't you?


Charlotte “Chuck” Lamoreaux is a journalist for the Sin City Tattler focusing on the unusual stories, such as aliens in the desert, Bigfoot, UFO's, and maybe some stories she just slightly embellishes.  Chuck's sister Chloe is a Vegas show girl at Lust in the Casino Inferno on The Strip.  Chuck might not be a showgirl, but she and Chloe both took dancing lessons all their lives, and Chuck exercises to Chloe's dance routine as a way of keeping in shape, and comes up with her best idea yet.  The owner of Lust is Sebastian Raines, and Chuck is sure he's a vampire, and she plans to find a way into his apartment at Lust and get the proof.  Perhaps the best way is to take Chloe's place on the dance line and then sneak in and get a look around.  Is there blood in the refrigerator? Is there food (she's not quite sure whether vampires do or do not need food), and could there be garlic in the kitchen (vampires hate garlic, right)?  After her dance routine, she runs into Sebastian, and the next thing she knows she's waking up on a couch in his penthouse.  Is there anything around to confirm her plan of getting the goods on Sebastian?

Sebastian Raines is a serious man, and after many centuries he keeps his secrets close to his vest and can't figure out why some girl following him around for weeks attracts him so much.  The girl is almost engaged to his brother Aidan, and he means to talk to her and get to the core of why she wants to marry Aidan.  A little memory removal and “Chloe” is in his apartment and he is a cat, watching her drink all his wine (looking for blood cleverly concealed), even his thirty thousand dollar bottle!  When “Chloe” asks if he's a vampire, he's shocked, but still wondering why he feels such an attraction to his own brother's girlfriend.  When he finds out she's not Chloe, they soon end up in bed, and Sebastian's vaunted self control quickly cracks and makes him almost human…well, almost.

Even though Chuck thinks Sebastian is a vampire, having a relationship with one will surely be different than she thought.  Can they learn to cope with the difficulties inherent in a vampire/human connection?  A clever plot and interesting characters make Vampnapped a shining star for your reading enjoyment.

Married…With Fangs

Chloe Lamoreaux is so excited her twin volunteered to take her place at Lust so she can go out with Aidan Raines, but they're not going on a date, they're getting married.  After an hour at the Little Blue Chapel and an Elvis wedding, they go to Aidan's apartment (underground at the apartment building he owns) and she is surprised during their fantastic sex when Aidan goes to her neck and bites her.  Afterward, she's in a sort of haze, and it isn't until she finds he has NOTHING to eat in the whole house that he mentions he's sorry he bit her.  After Aidan gets some food brought in, she decides to have a serious talk with him and find out just exactly what is going on.  After all, she has a three year-old little boy that she has neglected to tell Aidan about, and he can't be some sort of weirdo, thinking he's a vampire.  Does her new husband now need some kind of therapy?

It's a big decision for a vampire to get married, and Aidan kind of thinks he should have mentioned that he was a vampire before the ceremony.  He tries to explain what he is to Chloe, but really, what woman would believe that?  He'll have to prove to her by being out in the daylight and letting himself get burned.  But when he learns Chloe has a child named Jake, Aidan can't believe his good luck.  Lately he's been thinking that what he really wants is to have a more family oriented life, and having a child seems like only a dream.  Vampires and humans can rarely produce children, and it looked as if fatherhood was out of his dreams, but now he has an opportunity to have a son.  Aidan is ecstatic over Chloe's secret, but Chloe still isn't quite sure this sexy, handsome, sweet man is really what he seems to be, especially after he immediately gets along with her son.

These twin sisters meet the men of their dreams who just happen to be vampires, and each of them approaches the information differently.  Chuck expected Sebastian to be a vampire, while Chloe is totally surprised.  Each of their reactions and how they come to terms with the news is totally different.  Heidi Betts takes the vampire story and makes it kooky, weird, and yet somewhat normal.  Easy reading and a fast pace make her stories a treat.

Whether you know vampires are in your life or not, MUST LOVE VAMPIRES is a must read for everyone looking for something different and special for your reading enjoyment.  I heartily recommend MUST LOVE VAMPIRES and its author Heidi Betts.

Carolyn Crisher