ALL OF ME - Jennifer Bernard
A Love Between the Bases Novel , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-06-237216-1
June 2015
Contemporary Romance

Kilby, Texas - Present Day

Once the hottest pitching prospect to hit the Major Leagues, Caleb Hart's first game for the triple-A Kilby Catfish set records only not good ones.  His first few games in the majors were amazing, but the fourth was so bad that he ended up being traded and then sent back to the minors.  That string of bad luck has continued, and he isn't sure what to do to break out of the slump.  After the game, he runs into a sexy brunette who tells him she's working on getting the Catfish out of Kilby, and Caleb sees a challenge that might at least take his mind off of his baseball troubles.

Sadie Merritt has had a miserable year.  After breaking up with her boyfriend, he posted private pictures of her online, and he and his friends did everything they could to ruin her reputation.  Since he's from the founding family of the town, Sadie's ex does a very good job of smearing her name.  The only job she was able to get was as assistant to the mayor, and right now her mission is to help clean up the image of the Kilby Catfish.  Sadie's not sure that getting involved with anyone is a good idea, especially with her ex still out for revenge, but the attraction she feels for Caleb is too strong to ignore.

A fun baseball-themed story, ALL OF ME introduces readers to Jennifer Bernard's Love Between the Bases series and the Kilby Catfish.  The team is well known for its occasionally out of control antics, and some of the people in the small town of Kilby have had enough. Personally, Sadie is a fan of baseball and has good memories of watching the town's Triple-A team.  She's happy to find a possible solution to the problem that wouldn't mean running the team out of town, but her budding relationship may be an obstacle.  Caleb and his sister take care of their much younger twin brothers, but the downward spiral in his career could mean trouble for them. His con-artist father has recently been released from prison, and Caleb is doing his best to hide that fact from everyone.  Caleb and Sadie try to keep things between them platonic at first, but it's not long before their relationship moves beyond friendship.

A great summer read, check out ALL OF ME.

Jennifer Bishop